Ingushetia in 2013

By Vestnik Kavkaza

Today the train Moscow-Nazran has been launched. According to the head of the Republic of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, “from June 1st it will take 28 hours. The conditions provided are modern, and businessmen and ordinary people can enjoy train travel with comfort. All the carriages are modern: compartment carriages, sleeping carriages, a restaurant car. I think we are creating a good image for Ingushetia and reducing federal support for the republic, as the Russian Railways will earn money because of this.”

Yevkurov mentions other socio-economic projects: “We have started implementation of the project on resettlement of citizens from landslide areas. Weather has destroyed our plans. It was raining for three months, and we couldn’t begin construction. However, today we are catching up in this direction. We are building 800 flats for residents of the landslide area. I think by Republic Day in 2013 people will move to these apartments. Our future plans for 2013 are to solve the problem of the landslide area completely. We have 1514 families who have to be resettled. It is a serious project.”

Moreover, this year Ingushetia begins construction of residential areas for displaced people. “700 million rubles have been allocated. By the end of 2013 we will solve the problem of areas of compact settlement. There are bargains. There are people who live in areas of compact settlement illegally. Those who have a right to state support will get it,” Yevkurov says.

“We have signed an agreement with a bank for the program “1000 apartments.” We pay 100% of the rate of interest for those who earn less than 10,000 rubles. Altogether, the rate of interest, the credit, is about 5-6 thousand rubles, and even 4 thousand. Here we are focused on young people who will participate in the project. Many of them sign agreements. Construction of apartments will begin soon,” Yevkurov promises.

“We allocate territories for construction of budget houses. We have already signed a series of agreements. I hope that from spring 2013 we will begin construction of budget houses for residents of the republic. They will be good quality, but less expensive – from 16 to 18 thousand rubles per sq meter,” the head of Ingushetia states. “These projects will help us to solve the problem of residential areas too. In eight residential areas we have already decided on plots. In three residential areas we have already allocated plots to those who should get it. In other areas we will do it in 2013.”

“In 2012 we constructed and launched into operation six kindergartens for a thousand children. Three kindergartens were built from budgetary money. This is a big plus. We make kindergartens innovative, so that the facilities can pay for themselves and reduce the load on the republic's budget. The last kindergarten, which was founded in Nazran, has two swimming pools. We initially posed this task, and now it is one of the most beautiful kindergartens, not only in Ingushetia, but also in the whole of the North Caucasus. It is modern and pleasant for 220 children, but we have registered 245 children there, because it is possible. From 7 pm to 9 pm we plan to provide commercial swimming, singing, dancing and reading courses there, in other words this kindergarten will be able to make money within the legislation of the Russian Federation, and the training of staff will improve,” Yevkurov thinks. “We have allocated resources for 2013. The governmental commission and President Putin in his address to parliament paid attention to providing children with pre-school facilities. The North Caucasus appears to be in the worst situation, considering the birth rates and our traditional falling behind other Russian regions in the sphere of social facilities and other directions. Thus, it was decided to adopt the federal target program On Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Ingushetia in order for us catch up with other regions in these spheres.”

“We are one of the pioneers of solving investors’ problems. I can say that we give plots to anyone for free, but on certain strict conditions that they will implement a social task. Of course, we can sell land in Nazran or Magas and earn $1-1.5 million for the budget, but we will fail to fulfil the main task. Because an investor will have no resources for working at the initial stage. Only after he gets on his feet will he begin to look for loans. Realizing this situation, we give out plots for free, but the investor has a social responsibility to build a kindergarten or a school. For example, when I allocate plots in Magas, I define public places where investors have to build certain facilities. As with any other people, we have traditions – funerals and weddings – which should be carried out according to certain rules. We demand building ceremonial houses near residential buildings, as well as places for celebrating weddings and other festivals. It is natural that many guests come, and we consider such things. In Magas we decided to construct a shore front. It would be a heavy load for the republic's budget, but investors have agreed to construct a shore front because I gave them plots for free. These and other forms make investors develop their business. Last year we had 2.6 billion rubles of private internal investment, this year we have more than 5 billion. Speaking about state guarantees, we have more than 15 billion rubles of private investment. This is great. I believe it is the right way. We have launched the institute of an ombudsman on investors' and businessmen's rights. And he seriously helps the work and participates in projects. We have a series of serious projects for 2013: construction of an energy-saving lamp plant; the building of a baby-food factory to provide the North Caucasus; we will do our best to make Magas airport an international one. It is one of the best and most beautiful airports in the Caucasus, next to Mineral Waters. Its runway allows for all kinds of aircraft to be accommodated. We have ambitious projects and I hope we will implement them.”