Chechnya: a summary of 2013

Chechnya: a summary of 2013


By Vestnik Kavkaza


The "Medialogia" company published the rating of the Russian persons who were most frequently mentioned in the media in 2013. The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, is in the 15th place in the all-Russian rating. From January to December 2013, he was mentioned in the media 45,173 times.

Simultaneously, in the popularity rating of governors in the Internet, Kadyrov came first. This rating was published by magazine "Market Leader" basing on three basic criteria: frequency of words score for Yandex.Direct per month, calculated using the service; frequency of references to the governors calculated; the region analyzed (and hence the area of search for was Russia.

Kadyrov’s leadership in the Internet (142,420 queries in Yandex per month) is explained by analysts by his unusual behavior and the eccentricity of his decisions.


Summing up the year of 2013 in an interview to VK, Kadyrov was also original: "The last time I took the reports I was pleasantly surprised. In all the areas - agriculture, industry, social issues - we have positive indicators. We have never had such indicators. Since I entered politics, for the first time four districts and the city of Grozny earned money themselves for the budget for the coming year, based on the funds received, and the budget for 2014 was adopted. This is the best news for me. Unemployment has fallen to 33-34,000 unemployed - this is a good indicator , there is no such indicators in other subjects. We have opened dozens of companies, and investments for the year were about 30-40 billion rubles. I am proud of the results that the republic achieved”.


Commenting on the demand by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to strengthen control over the consumption of gas (see "Gas and the North Caucasus" – VK) , Kadyrov said : "We were gathered by Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. He raised questions important for the regions, primarily related to gas and electric debt. We all spoke about the most sensitive issues. Concerning the Chechen republic, I can say that part of our debt is unfounded. This is the debt that exists since those times.Aand Dmitry Anatolyevich stressed that it is necessary to find a solution to the problem once and for all. He also promised to find approach to each region, taking into account its nature, and to solve the problems of each region, and not just hold meetings . "


In general, according to Kadyrov, "the Caucasus is not a problem for Russia, the Caucasus is a support and hope of Russia. And these are the most beautiful places, the most ancient culture, customs and traditions. All of this exists in the Caucasus. This is a free institution which we must take into account and educate the younger generation. As for the hooligans who present themselves as terrorists, it is not for us. There are no terrorists in the Caucasus, there have never been and never will be any terrorists there. If the crime was committed by the offender from the Caucasus or Muslim, we immediately say that this is a "terrorist attack". And if the same crime was committed by a person of a different nationality or from Siberia or the Volga region, it is just a "crime". So I think we need to change our attitude, and it is already changing . In the near future all citizens of Russia understand that due to people from the Caucasus, due to the Chechens we retained the sovereignty and independence of our country - the Russian Federation".


Speaking about the cooperation between Chechnya and Dagestan , Kadyrov said: "We know the traditions, customs, culture, and we are working closely with Dagestan. We enhanced our work due to Ramazan Gadzhimuradovich [Abdulatipov] , because in the Caucasus he is the most experienced, wise, correct and truthful. He always helped us, he helps us to this day, and I'm sure he will help us in the future. We are really brothers and sisters, not only in words but in deeds. It pleases us. We hold concerts in Dagestan. People from Dagestan come to us. We have so many sports and cultural events. There are economic problems both in our republic and also in Dagestan. Time will pass, and in the next 5-10 years we will be donors and will invest in each other".


In conclusion, Ramzan Kadyrov congratulated readers of VK on New Year: "Please , do not listen to those people who say that the Muslims cannot celebrate New Year. I am a truly devout Muslim and a deeply religious person, and I observe all the canons of Islam. We have New Year trees everywhere - at home and in the yard. Our children are preparing to celebrate the New Year. And I am pleased to congratulate all the readers of VK on New Year. Come visit us in Grozny, we have, I'm sure , the highest and most beautiful Christmas tree, and there will be a beautiful and interesting program".