Chechen car industry

Chechen car industry

The authorities of Chechnya plan to create more jobs and bases for the development of high technological competitive enterprises of different spheres by developing car production. The Industry Ministry of Chechnya plans to solve the current problems in the terms of the national projects - the production of cheap cars and off-road vehicles. It also aims at creating vocational training for school students and polytechnic education for university students.


The car production programme in Chechnya was created by the Industry Ministry of the republic and the consulting company "Obyedinennye konsultanty" with participation of the "AvtoVAZ" company. In the terms of the programme a holding company "Federal scientific producing center of car special techniques" will be founded in Grozny.


About 8 thousand people will work at the car enterprises. The capacity is not clear yet, but the investment will reach 12 billion rubles, RIA Novosti reports.


In 2008 a "Lada-2107" car assembling started at the Argun plant "Pishtchemash". It was the first step of the realization of the agreement on car assembling in Chechnya. As a representative of the Industry Ministry of Chechnya, Ali Israpilov, told VK, today at the assembling part of the enterprise the equipment is being repaired. The latest German and Italian techniques are being restructured for front-wheel drive vehicle production. Also the plant will start producing polymeric car parts.


At the same time the Industry Ministry of Chechnya made an agreement with foreign companies on painting, blanking and welding at the plant.


After that industrial car assembly can be started in the republic. As the industry minister of Chechnya told RIA Novosti, the industry of the republic is restored by 6-7% compared to the pre-war period. According to Olguzur Abdulkerimov, there is no way to restore former capacities, but new directions should be developed. The most promising direction is the car industry.


Timur Utsayev, Grozny. Exclusively for VK.