Turkey-Israel: undesired problems

Turkey-Israel: undesired problems

Peter Lukimson, Israel, especially for VK

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Israel denies that that personal ambassador of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has recently arrived in Jerusalem.


Meanwhile, the 10th channel of Israeli TV - considered the most well-informed media source in Israel - insists that Erdoğan’s ambassador is in Israel and, moreover, he has already had a personal meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu and discussed the possibilities of a normalization of bilateral relations between the countries with him.


Looking back, the main claim of Turkey to Israel is connected with the incident aboard the ship “Mavi Marmara”, when Israeli naval commandos boarded the ship and killed 5 citizens of Turkey and 1 citizen of the USA of Turkish origin. 5 Israeli soldiers were wounded, including one of them with gunshot wounds in his stomach and other parts of the body.


It is well-known that Turkey calls on Israel to apologize for this incident and to pay compensation to the relatives of those killed, but up to date Israel refused to apologize (though she was ready to discuss the problem of compensations).


The message about the visit of Erdogan’s ambassador was published after two other messages from Turkey which engaged the attention of Israeli society.


The first message touched on the declaration of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey that any attempt to exploit the gas field in borderline waters near Cyprus may provoke “undesirable problems” in the relations amongst Turkey and countries whose companies will exploit the field. “We call governments and companies which this problem concerns to act logically and not to participate in the conflict around the borderline territories”, - the text of the declaration says.


Taking into consideration that 15 companies are participating at the moment in the struggle for exploitation of the gas field, including “Novatek” (Russia), ENI (Italia), Nobel Energy (the USA) and “Delek Kiduhim (Israel), this declaration directly concerns Israel.


The second message was also connected with oil search near Cyprus. Referring to the President of Cyprus Turkish media made a declaration that 10,000 Israeli oil-industry workers with their families would arrive in the island soon, and after that 20,000 Israeli commandos would come in order to guard them. This, according to Turkish media, will actually mean Israeli occupation of the island.


Israeli media consider these messages as “a manifestation of paranoia provoked by anti-Semitism”. It is enough to recall, they says, that Israel hasn’t recently had any oil and gas fields, in order to understand that Israel doesn’t need 10 thousands of oil-industry workers. It is also enough to recall that total number of Israeli armed forces is 176,000, including border-security forces, combat logistic forces etc., and therefore Israeli special forces can’t amount to 20,000. Furthermore, Israel won’t send her commandos to Cyprus, because thus she will be exposed to danger.


Turkish media could announce just as well that Israel, for instance, would send 300,000 or even 3,000,000 her citizens to Cyprus (nowadays total number of Israeli citizens amounts to about 7,000,000, including about 5,000,000 Jews and different minorities – P. L.).


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel refused to comment these declarations on the basis of its unwillingness to comment unfounded declarations of the yellow press, regardless the country whose media published such messages.




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