Turkey: dodger falls into own pit

by VK

Experts have been talking about the Syrian crisis turning into one of the central topics of global politics this year. Turkey is becoming a direct part of the conflict. Ankara announced formation of camps for Syrian refugees and warned about possible military intervention.

Alexander Ignatenko, a specialist of Oriental and Islamic studies, President of the Institute for Religion and Politics, a member of the Council for Cooperation with Religious Associations of the Russian President, said: “The Arabs have a saying: “A dodger fell into the pit he dug out himself”. I believe that it describes the situation in Turkey. It is clear that the Turkish territory has at least three anti-Turkish forces. The first one is the Kurds. The second one is the numerous interior Turkish Alawis, especially common in the Hatay Province Turkey annexed in 1938. The third force, according to Arab media, is the secret army of Armenian liberation trying to take over eastern Turkey, calling it part of Armenia, and believe that the said part of Armenia should be free from Turkish domination.

It is the response Turkey got for its aggressive policy against Syria and expansionism in the Arab world. “The policy of neo-Ottomanism” resembles an attempt to dominate Arab states, Arab peoples which were part of the Ottoman Empire. It is a fatal, strategic mistake of the Turkish authorities. I am not sure that Turkey will come out uninjured and prosperous out of the crisis in the Middle East. In any case, it will be a different country. Maybe even with different borders. Refugees are indeed a problem for Turkey, a humanitarian and an economic one. But Turkey is trying to use refugee camps to form militant groups to enter Syria. In other words, it is carrying out a sabotage war against Syria, doing aggressive acts. And again, we need to see how well it corresponds with the international law”.

This demonstrates the way Turkey will behave if existing countries in the Middle East start collapsing. Turkey claims some parts of the Iraqi territory, for instance. Do you think the Iraqis, Kurds and Arabs would just let it get away with that? Never!

Turks want to gain both milk and meat from the cow. Some say that God did not give horns to a cow apt to gore. Turkey does have horns, but Turks have cut them off themselves. What are the horns of Turkey? It is the great army that is part of NATO. What have Turks been doing for so much time? They are removing officers and generals the way Stalin did in 1937. If a serious war starts, Turkey will end up in a bitter situation. The situation similar to the Soviet Union in June 1941.

Commenting on repercussions of the situation in the Middle East for Russia, Ignatenko noted: “The tactics of Al Qaeda is not to take the power under control in Egypt or Libya as a whole. It has no such abilities and, most importantly, no such will. It is building local Islamic emirates at limited space. They used that tactic in Russia earlier, where you can see the “Caucasus Emirate” or “the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus” under the rule of Doka Umarov. It was split into regions according to national-territorial features. It is virtual, although the problems it causes are real.

When the Libyan crisis was just getting started, Colonel Gaddafi had an interview with a French daily Paris Match in the good mood he was always prone to. He said that Al Qaeda was mobilizing its subdivisions all over the world and sending them to Libya. Gaddafi said an amazing phrase back then: “There is a subdivision under command of Doka Umarov from Russia among them”. The French did not pay attention to that then and started to fight on the same side with Al Qaeda, in fact. It turned out that western NATO states and Al Qaeda were sitting in the same trenches and making the assault together. Who killed Gaddafi? Al Qaeda and French pilots. French pilots were playing the role of shepherd, while Al Qaeda lynched him.

Another case is that Russia is taking measures to prevent the danger and the measures are quite harsh, but since these processes are consolidated internationally, it is a very complicated problem. All interested sides need international cooperation. I mean the US, then European states, then Arab states, which face the greatest threat. We should not rule out Iran and Israel. This may be a dream, but it is possible. What if they try not to cooperate with Al Qaeda? What if they try to fight it? There are many problems, but if they do not get solved, everyone will suffer”.