Maskhadov's special envoy stays in new motherland

Maskhadov's special envoy stays in new motherland


Georgy Kalatozishvili, Tbilisi. Exclusively to Vestnik Kavkaza 


The Georgian authorities have no intention to give away the aide of the former president of Ichkeria Aslan Maskhdov, his representative in Europe Ahmed Chatayev to Russia. He was arrested in Georgia and accused of armed resistance to the authorities during the special operation on destroying a militant group in late August 2012 at the Dagestan part of the border with Russia. Experts state that Chatayev is a very valuable witness both for Moscow and Tbilisi.


The minister of justice of Georgia, Tea Tsulukiani, stated that Georgia "strongly rejects" extradition of Chatayev after the meeting with representatives of the Chechen community. "Right after my appointment to the position of the minister of justice I rejected Russia's demands for giving away Chatayev, and my decisions won't be changed," the minister said. "We remember that in 2002 five Chechens, including residents of the Pankisi Gorge of Georgia, were extradited to Russia, and they disappeared in the Russian territory." Mrs. Tsulukiani called only one name at the same time - Abdulkhakkab Shamayev who, according to the minister, was among five Chechens sent to Russia 10 years ago.


Relatives of Ahmed Chatayev appealed to Shamayev's fate at the meeting. They achieved an opportunity to meet the minister after loud demonstration in front of the Ministry of Justice. Dozens of Chechens shouted: "Freedom to Ahmed!" and communicated to journalists willingly. "I ask the new authorities of Georgia to free my husband. He lost his leg and arm, he is a disabled person," Chatayev's wife Aina Margoshvili stated. "He is only a half of a man; if he is not let free, I and my son will stay here forever."


Meka Khangoshvili told journalists about the results of the meeting with Tea Tsulukiani: "The minister promised that Chatayev will be judged fairly and objectively. The most important thing is that she promised he won't be extradited to Russia."


The chief prosecutor of Georgia Archil Kbilashvili commented on the situation over chatayev: "The court will take place on December 6. At the moment I can only say that we will attentively analyze all aspects of the criminal case."


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