Israel accuses Sunday Times of provocation

Pyotr Lukimson, Israel. Exclusively to Vestnik Kavkaza

In early December, the British weekly the Sunday Times published a report that Israel could use Azerbaijan for striking the Iranian nuclear facilities. According to the author of the article, it is the reason for Israel exports unmanned aircrafts Aitan and modern radio locators to Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry heavily reacted to the publication and stated that Azerbaijan wouldn't let any other country use its territory for hostile actions against its south neighbor. Israel was irritated by the article too. It doesn't exclude that someone uses the prominent periodical on purpose for worsening relations between Azerbaijan and Israel, which are developing rapidly and fulfill mutual interests of the countries.

Official Israeli circles emphasized that the country had no intention to set Azerbaijan up and involve it into the conflict with Iran. Moreover, Israel cannot use the machinery sold to Azerbaijan for getting intelligence information on possible launching Iranian missiles toward Israel. According to the command of the Israel Defense Forces, the country has opportunities for getting such information.

During recent missile attacks on Israel by Gaza the Israeli system "Iron Dome" destroyed 90% of Hamas's missiles.

At the same time, some Israeli observers think that in case of mass missile attack by Iran (which can be caused by destroying Iranian nuclear facilities) Israel may use Azerbaijan for getting quick information on launching missiles. However, Azerbaijan would decide itself whether it would give the information or not. A lot will be depend on the political and military situation in the region.