Israel's Ayalon ready to apologize to Turkey

Israel's Ayalon ready to apologize to Turkey

Petr Lukimson, Israel. Exclusively to Vestnik Kavkaza

An interview of the deputy foreign minister of Israel Danny Ayalon to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet caused a political storm in Israel. In his interview Ayalon proposed sending a letter to Turkey, which resembles the message which was sent by the USA to Pakistan after death of 24 Pakistani soldiers because of the US Air Forces’ inaccurate bombing. According to Ayalon, it would be a good basis for improvement of relations between the countries.

“The American formula may be a good fundament for working in this direction,” Ayalon said. Answering the question whether it would be real apology, he said “yes”: “The text should be composed very clearly for everyone who read the letter would understand it.” Ayalon noted that in recent time some positive tendencies can be seen in Turkish-Israeli relations. However, he admits that diplomatic contacts remain at the low level, and only unofficial channels are used along with them.

 The reaction of Israel politicians and analysts at the interview is understandable in the context of the fact that it was Ayalon who made one of steps that led to cooling of Israeli-Turkish relations: he pointedly humiliated the Turkish ambassador in Israel by seating him on a low sofa in front of his high chair. An observer wrote that now Ayalon offers Turkey “a very high chair for they, looking at us from up to down, would reject this offer.” It should be noted that the Pakistani formula of apology has already been considered by the Israeli government. But sending of the letter was canceled as it became clear it wouldn’t satisfy the Turkish government. This view is shared by a Turkish journalist: “Don’t you understand that the prime minister Erdogan is not interested in improvement of relations with Israel and will use any occasion for exaggeration of anti-Israeli attitudes in the country? Don’t you understand that Israel has to wait till some other government come to power in Turkey? Have Jews lost their patience? I don’t mean that coming of the other government to power will free Israel from apology. But in this case the Pakistani formula would really be accepted.”


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