Dagestan’s Magomedov gets a “golden parachute”

Dagestan’s Magomedov gets a “golden parachute”

By Vestnik Kavkaza

Today Vladimir Putin has replaced Dagestani leader Magomedsalam Magomedov with Ramazan Abdulatipov, a member of the United Russia Party and deputy head of the parliamentary committee for federal organization and local autonomies, as the acting leader of Dagestan. Magomedov is appointed the deputy head of the Russian Presidential Administration.

According to the official version, it was Magomedov’s decision to resign. Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov says that the issues which Magomedov will control in the presidential administration will be defined in the nearest future. “At the moment amendments to the current distribution of duties haven’t been made. It will happen in a few days,” Peskov said.

Magomedov’s press secretary Rasul Khaybullayev said this morning that Magomedov was working according to schedule. Speaking about the surprising appointment of Magomedov to the administration of President, the editor-in-chief of Vestnik Kavkaza Akexei Vlasov stated that “when information on his possible resignation appeared, it was predicted that “a golden parachute” would be as big as Magomedov couldn’t even imagine. As the result he took the position which is quite important in the Russian hierarchy.”

Meanwhile, it is obvious that there were complaints on Magomedov as the head of Dagestan. “In other case no decision on the shuffle would be made. The other question is that the Kremlin officials admitted that in the current difficult situation in the republic not only the head of Dagestan should be blamed. There are some independent reasons which prevented implementation of the socio-economic reforms in the republic.”

Ramzan Abdulatipov was the Minister for National Policy and Vice Premier in the 1990s. He leaked information on Saturday that he would be appointed by Putin. As for whether his new position is temporary or permanent, Vlasov noted: “It depends on unofficial talks between the Kremlin and significant people of Dagestan. I don’t think the appointment will be made without consideration of the internal political situation in the republic. Abdulatipov’s chances to remain at the position of Dagestan’s head are significant. The situation in the republic is complicated, and nobody will appoint aliens to this position. Abdulatipov hasn’t been working in the executive power structures for a long time, but in the North Caucasus politics it is not the point – first of all finding common ground with representatives of quarreling clans is important. Mr. Abdulatipov is experienced in this sphere.”


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