The Caucasus press review (June 10 - 16)

The Caucasus press review (June 10 - 16)


By Vestnik Kavkaza

The "New Times" newspaper reports on the inauguration of the newly elected Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan, who was elected by the city parliament on May 5.

President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, who was present at the inauguration, congratulated Margaryan and all members of the Council of Elders on the successful completion of the elections and the adoption of a new liability, expressing the belief that this important work will be performed with honor.

The "Voice of Armenia" newspaper informs about the first meeting of the newly elected Council of Elders, at which the newly elected mayor delivered a speech outlining the main challenges for the coming period. Margaryan has identified as one of the most important goals strengthening the link between the city and the residents of Yerevan, as well as increasing their confidence in the city government. He said: "I am sure that the atmosphere of mutual trust and new management culture will help to ensure that we will have a more comfortable city." According to him, the relationship with the population should have a practical basis, any good offer or idea should be heard, including criticism, and all complaints must be dealt with.

Addressing to the members of the Council of Elders of Yerevan, Taron Margaryan said: "We have different programs, but in fact goals are the same. All of us are concerned about the problems and concerns of the residents of Yerevan, interested in the development of the capital and are willing to work and use our potential and our capabilities for the benefit of the city. "

The article said that previously, in response to questions from reporters, the mayor pointed to the three questions that are now the focus of the municipality – the improvement of parks and roads of the capital, the reconstruction of the Covered Market and of the Republic Square. As for the impact of rising gas prices, the mayor declined to answer the question whether in connection with this the price of public transport will increase, referring to the fact that economists have not yet submitted their calculations; however, if price increase is necessary, the mayor considers it possible to provide assistance to low-income families by subsidizing the cost of transport tickets.


The government is doing everything possible to make health care system accessible to the public in Georgia and to minimize existing problems, Minister of Labour, Health and Social Protection David Sergeenko said in an interview to The Georgian Times.

He said Georgia has not suspended any of the projects started by the previous government, as the current government considered them necessary. However, the minister said, the vector of health strategy was modified, which means that if before only the insurance of target groups was carried out - only old people, children, socially disadvantaged, i. e. health insurance covered only half of the population of Georgia, since February of this year, social insurance was extended to all citizens of Georgia. Moreover, for getting health care services it is not necessary to obtain a policy, because people are automatically registered into an electronic database. The minister promised that within a year the issue will be resolved with reduction of bureaucratic procedures, the organization of comfort for patients in hospitals and clinics without having to wait in long queues.

Another innovation introduced by the new authorities, according to the minister, is that if before the insurance services were provided by private companies that have been virtually monopoly in this market, now the state system of insurance joined this work. Now part of the population still continues using private insurance, but the process of transferring assets to the public sector has already begun. On the 1st of July, according to Sergeenko, health insurance project, which began on Feb. 28, will be significantly expanded: it will include additional services, and thus a full base package will be created that will be consumed by all of the citizens of Georgia.

The Ministry is also working on a system of monitoring the quality of health services, the lack of which is currently considered by the Minister one of the most important and the most difficult problem to address, as well as on establishing a system of uniform prices for the services and the improvement of the emergency work.

One of the main areas in which the Ministry is working now is to reduce the infant mortality rate, reaching at present, according to Sergeenko, 700 people a year. He said that in conjunction with the Harvard Medical School, under its patronage and management it is planned to implement a large-scale project in Georgia in the field of pediatric oncology and pediatric hematology.

Talking about increasing pensions, the minister recalled that this was one of the main points of the election platform of the current government. He confirmed that the promise is spelled out in the budget and will be executed at the first stage, i. e., in September this year the minimum pension should be equal to the minimum subsistence level, which is 150 lari ($ 90.5), and in the future it should be increased.


"An exciting fighting show was the perfect gift for the residents and guests of the republic" - the "Ingushetia" newspaper reports on the annual international tournament in MMA M-1 Challenge 40 "Battle in the Mountains” held in the Dzheirakh area.

According to the author, the tournament has become a significant event and gathered a large number of fans, it was broadcasted on TV channels "Russia-2" and "Fight Club" and on the “Sport Box” website, and it was observed by a few million viewers worldwide. It was attended by the best mixed martial arts fighters from Russia, Poland, Brazil, Austria, Bulgaria and Spain.

The tournament "Battle in the Mountains" was held in Ingushetiafor the first time a year ago. These competitions were awarded the "annual" status as a result of an agreement between the head of the republic Yunus-Bek Yevkurov and president of M-1 Global Vadim Filkinshteyn in December 2012. Funds raised during this year's tournament will be directed to the treatment of cataract for the citizens of the republic.

The author says that this time the organizers have taken into account all the comments and shortcomings of past events. 5400 comfortable seats of smooth slate plates were installed. To minimize the traffic near the ancient battle tower a new entrance to the territory of the tower complex was constructed. Large LED screens were installed, and now from any place fans could follow the rounds of fight shows. At the competition area it was forbidden to bring alcohol, and the sale of soft drinks, kebabs, sweets, sandwiches and other products was organized. As part of the tournament, the show of masters of power sports was held.

The central event of the competition, according to the newspaper, was the battle between American Jeff Monson and a representative of Dagestan Magomed Malikov; Malikov won the fight.

At the end of the "Battle in the Mountains", Yunus-Bek Yevkurov thanked the participants and organizers of the show for a great tournament, said a lot of warm words of outstanding masters of martial arts and honored guests for coming to the republic.

The multiple world champion in MMA Fedor Emelianenko who attended the tournament said he was leaving with the warm memories of the republic and promised to come with his team and to give a master class, the article says.


Chechen newspaper "Capital-PLUS" referring to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in the Chechen Republic announced the completion of supplementary immunization campaign against polio organized in accordance with the decision of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Chechen Republic dated March 18, 2013 "The conduct of immunization against polio in the Chechen Republic in 2013."

According to a leading specialist in the department of surveillance of Rospotrebnadzor department in the Chechen Republic Markha Daltsaeva, additional immunization of children from 1 year to 3 years was conducted in 6 regions of the North Caucasus Federal District, as well as in the 56 regions of the country, where the required (over 95%) coverage of children with preventive vaccination against polio in decreed ages in routine immunization was not achieved.

The main purpose of SIAs, as the newspaper writes, is to strengthen the herd immunity of the population of the Russian Federation in the face of the current risk of importation of wild poliovirus from other countries and to prevent its spread in the country. Given the active labor migration of foreign citizens in the present, this task becomes even more urgent.

According to the newspaper, during the past campaign of immunization vaccinations were received by more than 230 thousand children aged 1-3 years in the North Caucasus Federal District and about 60 thousand children in other regions of Russia.

In the territory of the Chechen Republic after two rounds polio vaccinations were received by about 66 thousand children aged 1-3 years; in addition, vaccination against polio reached 262 children from migrant families and temporarily arrived people in the territory of the republic, Daltsaeva said.

It should be recalled that the additional immunization of children against polio is one of the major activities under "Plan of action to maintain polio-free status of the Russian Federation for 2013-2015".