Israel grants an Armenian dancer legal residency

Israel grants an Armenian dancer legal residency

Peter Lyukimson, Israel. Exclusively to Vestnik Kavkaza

The Interior Minister of Israel, Gideon Saar, has granted Israeli citizenship to the famous ballet dancer and former soloist of the National Ballet of Armenia, Ludwig Ispiriyan. The request to the Israeli Interior Ministry by Ispiriyan was supported by recommendations from the general director of the Israeli Ballet Ensemble, Lea Lavi, and its art director Ido Tadmor.


The letter by Lea Lavi and Ido Tadmor says that Ispiriyan has danced for Israeli Ballet for six years and he is not only a wonderful artist, but also “contributed to the development of classical ballet in Israel.”


Vestnik Kavkaza found out that the dancer requested citizenship for the first time several years ago, when he married Israeli ballerina Shani Perez.


“We are very happy that Ludwig was granted Israeli citizenship. It is a formal recognition of the fact that Ludwig feels Israeli for a long time, he cares about the problems and needs of our country. He became one of leading artists of Israeli Ballet, played many roles in various performances. In recent times he has been actively working with young people, preparing a new generation of Israeli ballet dancers. His contribution to Israeli art deserves the highest assessment and de facto he was an Israeli citizen long ago,” Lea Lavi told journalists.


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