Islamic doctrine against radicalism

Islamic doctrine against radicalism



The First International  theological conference ‘Islamic doctrine against radicalism’ has recently taken place in Moscow. Representatives from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Russia took part in it and adopted a joint declaration on the issues of jihad, implementation of sharia regulations and caliphate. Experts have already called this document ‘a serious blow to radical Islam’.



Adel Abdallah Al-Phalyakh, first deputy of the minister of Islamic affairs and waqfs of Kuwait


When 20 years ago I came to Russia for the first time, I felt brotherhood, love and friendship. A huge ideological vacuum existed then, which appeared after dissolution of the Soviet Union. It was influenced by atheism. The vacuum is explained by many reasons. It prevented many intentions, dreams and desires of faithful people from being fulfilled. The spreading of Islamic ideas, including moderation, have become an important task for society, as well as for other countries. I am sure that the issue should be considered within the current context. We should remember that a human strives for the fulfillment of objectives of moderation as the main feature of Russian Islam. This is very important. At the same time, Muslims of Russia are representatives of the native population of the country, they had all the typical features of citizens of the country. They cooperate with us, they are integrated into Russian society and participate in all spheres of its life. Our aims and targets are clear. Unfortunately, our history saw many problems, including the spread of radical ideas, ideas of extremism by various shady organizations and preachers. They contradict true Islam. These people are not preachers, they do not call for the true way of Islam. They deform the teachings of Islam. However, the spread of such ideas has found fruitful ground and those who believe in the false way. Nevertheless, everybody understands that these ideas deform the essence of Islam, the essence of the Muslim teachings and faith. Today we can say that these times were difficult, and Muslims faced a lot of problems then. It is important to stress the importance of Islam and the norms of Sharia in Russian society for changing the situation and explaining the essence of Islam to mistaken people, showing them the true picture, doing our best to fulfil the great targets of Islam, understanding the right meanings of jihad, tahphir and other notions. Many negative phenomena appeared, including crimes committed by so-called Muslims for the sake of Islam. I hope that our conference will be an important step toward bringing mistaken people back to the light. The fact that Muslims should follow the right way, the way of Allah, should inspire and direct us to the right decisions, so that Muslims can understand their mission in this world.


Ilya Barinov, the head of the department of the presidential administration of Russia


Russia is a multinational and multi-religious country, where representatives of various religions have always lived together in peace. I think during the conference with the participation of such prominent scholars, who have gathered on our territory for the first time, during theological discussions a document will be born, and it will prove the world that Islam is a religion of good and peace.


Ravil Gainutdin, first chairman of the Russia Council of Muftis


Even today there are some so-called Islamic activists who stand against the Al Wasatiyyah center in Russia and oppose this important peacemaking initiative. I hope that fruitful cooperation between the Russian Council of Muftis and the Al Wasatiyyah international center will continue. As for the conference topic, the multifaceted world needs protection from any forms of radicalism and other kinds of social, armed, spiritual, and other violence. That is why Russian Muslims support the efforts of the Russian government aimed at protecting Russian citizens, political and social institutions.


Muhammad Rahimov, the chairman of the Russian Association of Islamic Consent


Today we have gathered in this hall to emphasize that Islam is not terrorism. Islam has nothing in common with violence. Today in various countries, in the Arab world, awful wars are taking place, in Syria, Libya, and many people present their struggle as if in favor of Islam. But they forget that Islam is a religion of peace and construction, not a religion of murder. Allah says in the sacred Koran that the murder of one innocent person is equal to the murder of the whole of humanity.


Ismail Berdiyev, the chairman of the Coordinating Center of North Caucasus Muslims


I will speak about the organization Al Wasatiyyah, which was established and has a moderate program. We call it traditional Islam. A few years ago Sultan Khadzhi took all the muftis of the North Caucasus to Kuwait. And we learned about it and discussed it. Kuwait was the first among the Arab countries that established the program. We awarded Kuwait’s Emir with the order for Service to the Umma, because they were the first to develop the program. It was necessary. Everyone who makes good or everyone who makes evil has made his own business. And each of them thinks he is right. This program is highly important and necessary. The conference is taking place due to the Fund of Akhmad Kadyrov. I hope that its results will be positive for all of us. Everyone will respond to God: what he did for making peace in this world. Allah created us, for us to make good.


Abdullah bin-Baya, deputy chairman of the International Islamic Scientist Union


One of the reasons of our participation in this meeting is our desire to share our conclusions and analysis with our brothers. We have to carry out this mission, as a fratricidal war is against the interests of Islam and Muslims. Such events have deadly consequences, so we should do all we can to prevent it. We came here for an exchange of opinions in this matter. This challenge exists not only here, but in many other states as well, and we should do all we can to correct this situation. I believe there are two efficient ways to get out this strife. First of all, we should stabilize our position, and secondly in each process we should find its peculiarities. All that unites us – the common citizenship, living in one country – we should use these things we have in common. It is our common responsibility – a responsibility of all Muslims and non-Muslims, of all the citizens of this country. Economy is also very important as economy is the source of a decent level of life. So of course people should feel their interest in the normal economic development, so that they could eat, dress and live normally. These interests are common for all of us. And of course religion supports such an approach. We should analyze the situation and make conclusions. Our religion is based on model examples set by Muslims. So we need to demonstrate that showing initiative is a merit, not a vice. Ulems should support such initiatives. There is a lot of prejudice and suspicion that hampers our common cause. And we understand that we should disprove this suspicion that some of us have to face. Yes, we may have different religious convictions, but we are citizens of one country, and that should unite us. There are some hadiths told by the Profit that support this position. We should analyze each event, each mistake; we should cite respective hadiths which would support our analytic conclusions. We have blesses hadiths on the matters of prayer, charity and so on, so we can follow the instructions given by the Prophet, which would make our way clear for us.  We want these model examples to clear our hearts, and that is what we offer to you, our brothers. I’ve been talking about general things, but each country has its pecularties. So Islam should be based on such a diversified approach.


Abdullah Basfor, World Islam League representative


Above all we should counteract radicalism, and do so on the grounds of our Prophet’s doctrine. He said that the religion is an easy thing for a person, it doesn’t limit him. You should just do all that is prescribed, and even though you haven’t reach a positive result right away, you will definitely get it in the future. As Munir said about the abovementioned saying by the Prophet, it is a brilliant saying (that the religion is an easy thing), as due to it any radical severs all his ties with true religion. Muslim ummah holds a great wisdom. And I was sent here with a message of peace. We need to expose radicalism. Radicalism is a derivation from the right path. And ulems’ role in the demonstration of the true Islam is great. The path of violence is very dangerous, especially considering the enthusiasm of some young people, who usually don’t know the Holy Script all that well. But any wise word could meet a great response among the young. So we need a new fatwā that would stop the radicalism from spreading among the Muslims. Our religion has a very clear doctrine. All it includes only benefits to the wellbeing of the whole human race, it is the improvement of this world while preparing to the better one. You have responsibilities to your brothers and to your Lord. The kingdom of Suadi Arabia is a fine example of moderate Islam in all spheres of life, including science and state administration. We try to take the best from both East and West.


Bakmurza Bakmurzayev, the head of the National, Religion and External Connections Ministry of Dagestan


Today the whole world faces the problem of tensions in certain regions. The ideology of terrorism implies splitting the society on religious or ethnic grounds. It speculates not only on acute social problems, but also on religious ignorance and nationalistic ideas. But each of the world’s religions is based on the fundamental values of good, justice and peace. That is why the mission of the spiritual leaders is so important: they have to consolidate all these values within the people. Today the global inter-civilization dialogue, the promotion of tolerance and respect is the common task of the state, the religious communities and the education system.


Nuruddin al-Hadmi, Religious Affairs Minister of Tunisia


I would like to call you all to intensify your blessed efforts in counteracting the most dangerous herecy which is radicalism. It contradicts to the Allah’s behests in all possible ways, as the mercy towards the humanity is the essence of this religion.


Vestnik Kavkaza

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