Islamic fashion in Moscow

15 June 2012 - 8:09am

Moscow welcomed the first international festival Islamic Style. At this podium you could see craftworks that reflect the perspective and individual style of each designer of our festival. This festival has been organized by the Council of Muftis of Russia and international producing company Next Art. Festivals of this type are organized in order to attract attention of the fashion world and public to the works of designers who create a special style of Islamic clothes in the modern world following the norms of the Islamic religion. Recently, more and more new names and brands appear in the Islamic style of the international fashion industry. The main task of the organizers of the festival "Islamic world" is to give each designer an opportunity to demonstrate his collections at high level.

Rushan-hazrat Abbyasov, deputy chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia, chairman of the organizing committee of the exhibition, believes that today Muslim women's fashion is a very hot theme. “Because in our Russian society and if we look in general at the international society, often the role and position of women in Islam is shown incorrectly. I believe that such festivals demonstrate that a Muslim woman is updated, she can wear beautiful clothes, she is well educated. At the same time, first of all, hijab, beautiful clothes that cover the head and body of a Muslim woman, demonstrates her femininity and good temper. Thus, such festivals give opportunity to see the modernity of a Muslim woman, to see that she is not some outcast in a closed society. On the opposite, she is open; she is undoubtedly an active woman in all the spheres and problems. I believe that this festival will continue and it will be very successful.”

Collections of various designers were presented at the runway. Radmila Dashurova presented a stunning collection "Dreams of a Tsarina". Designers Indira Tupilagova and Liana Haysumova presented two collections – Dress Code and Venice of Deli. The refinement of Europe, the exquisiteness of Asia and the pure distinguished spirit of the East. The winner of the Kazan contest of designers of Muslim fashion, Rezeda Suleymanova, with her distinguished designer's touch has managed to enrich her models with Muslim themes in the collection Provence.

Yahayeva Zarima, designer of the Fashion House Firdaws, shared her bright impressions: “We are thrilled and I think that visitors of our fashion show are also thrilled.”

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