Life sentences for drug dealers

Life sentences for drug dealers


By Vestnik Kavkaza 


Duma committee on security and anti-corruption focuses on the improvement of the legislation in the field of migration and control of trafficking in drugs and weapons. According to the head of the committee Irina Yarovaya, the MPs have passed a bill on combating drug trafficking in the first reading.


According to her, today even the current official information about the number of people held accountable for crimes related to drug trafficking does not correlate with the number of those who are in the official police records. Today, the early detection, testing and certification of people of these professions would allow, first of all, to help drug addicts and to allow for the protection of the citizens of Russia because these people will not have access to jobs, doing which they might engage in illegal activities affecting the lives and health of our citizens. “In case this person reapplies to any of these professions, he will have to confirm that he is no longer a drug user”, - Yarovaya said. She thinks that one should not be content only with a certificate from a narcological dispensary without a testing procedure: “The testing procedure involves a doctor's diagnosis, and in case of drug use detection, it certainly results in limiting access to certain professional activities. But this limitation is not eternal: after information on drug users is directed to the drug control services an investigation will be started, and if there are grounds to apply administrative penalties, for the duration of the administrative penalty the drug user certainly will not be allowed to carry out his professional duties”.


According to Yarovaya, the bill which focuses on the so-called "laughing gas" will be considered in the second reading: “Did you know that today there is no ban on its use? The measures that we have proposed for putting it on a special list of goods that should not be sold to minors and young people will also be preventive and safety-ensuring”.


She believes that the issue of social rehabilitation is no less important and urgent: “Drug addiction is, of course, a disease, but we also understand that there is organized crime involved, with lots of money, which is associated with the production and distribution of drugs. Thus, I would like to remind you that at the beginning of this legislation the main initiative I proposed was connected to reinstating life sentences for drug dealers”.


Yarovaya also proposes to toughen sanctions for the production and distribution of fake medications: “At the moment there is no due measure for those who produce fake medication and dietary supplements. They can be brought to the account only according to the economic articles on illegal business activity, although everyone understands that when making the fake medications the producers allow for any consequences that people can get after using these medications. Even if the substance does not cause any direct damage to human health, it is still dangerous because, if a person needs medical help, he takes the medication in the hope that it will improve his condition, but this does not happen. When the medication contains ingredients that are dangerous for human health we understand that this involves a crime that threatens the health and lives of an unlimited number of people. That is why we believe that it is insufficient and wrong to consider these crimes as purely economic. These are crimes against the health and lives of people”.