Friendly relations between Volgograd and Chengdu

Friendly relations between Volgograd and Chengdu


According to materials of the Xinhua IA

In 2011, inter-city friendly relations were documented between Volgograd and the Chinese city of Chengdu. Officials of Chengdu and Volgograd have increasingly begun to render each other friendly visits; a large number of joint projects have been implemented on trade and economic, cultural, educational and tourist destinations. In 2011, the deputy mayor of Volgograd, Sergei Sokolov, visited Chengdu several times, where he held meetings on cooperation with the municipal departments, which are involved in supporting small and medium-sized business, culture, education and ecology.

Also in 2011, the Volgograd Children's Folk Dance Ensemble took part in the "International Youth Music Week in Chengdu" in the "Third International Conference of the Chinese cultural heritage", where it received a gold award  "Sun Bird". In 2012, the 7th Middle School Chengdu and the 7th Volgograd High School became sister-schools, after which teachers and students of these two schools have been holding regular meetings on an ongoing basis. The same year, the Volgograd People's Musical Ensemble took part in the "International Youth Music Week" in Chengdu.


In 2014, by the invitation of then-mayor of Volgograd Irina Guseva, a delegation from the Standing Committee of the NPC city of Chengdu headed by Yu Wei visited Volgograd. The sides exchanged views on further cooperation between the cities. Yu Wei made a presentation to the Parliament of Volgograd on the socio-economic development of Chengdu, about investing in the sphere of the ecology of the city, as well as the internationalization and globalization of the city. Yu Wei also reported on a new program to award Chengdu outstanding personnel from the friendly Chengdu cities scholarships to study in China and Volgograd was invited to participate in this program.


2014-2015 was identified by the Government of Russia and China as the 'year of friendly exchanges between Russian and Chinese youth', and therefore Volgograd and Chengdu in 2015 held several joint projects: Chinese youth went to Volgograd, Volgograd  youth went to Chengdu. An exhibition presenting works of calligraphy and drawing was organized, young journalists from both countries presented their work.


Then in May painting and calligraphy works have been exhibited in one of the best secondary schools in Chengdu (Paotunshu). From the Russian and Chinese sides 50 drawings on the theme "My native city" were presented. On a competitive basis, a group of eight Chinese students from Chengdu was formed, who went to Volgograd on 7 May and stayed there for a week, communicating with their peers, the indigenous people of Volgograd. And in October, eight young journalists from Volgograd visited Chengdu and spent a week there carrying out investigative reporting. All the activities of the youth exchanges were focused on strengthening friendly relations between Chinese and Russian youth.


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