The Women’s Union of Russia

The Women’s Union of Russia

By Vestnik Kavkaza

The Women's Union of Russia is one of the largest public organizations of the country, marking its 25th anniversary this year. As a successor to the Committee of Soviet Women, it will mark its 75thanniversary in 2016. Today the Women’s Union of Russia has 82 regional offices, more than 19 thousand women’s councils, and 15 organizations all over the country.

Ekaterina Lakhova, the chairwoman of the Union, a member of the Federation Council Committee for the Federal System, Regional Policy, Local Governance and Affairs of the North, thinks that “a family should be in the spotlight of all decisions. Be it an economic decision, a political decision, it should all go through the prism of the family.”

She says that the Women’s Union of Russia is trying to change the attitude to large families. Unemployed women have started receiving parenting benefits for children aged under 1.5 years. Maternity capital appeared, the birth certificate was included. “We have held the first forum of fathers, we have seen the experience fathers were telling, how they were inviting unfortunate mothers to their councils, how they scold, discuss and put the mothers taking care of their children to shame. Cooperation of women's councils and fathers' councils are certainly making a much bigger contribution,” Lakhova believes.

The main long-term programs of the Women’s Union of Russia are ‘A Strong Family is a Stable State,’ ‘Spirituality, Culture, Healthy Lifestyle,’ ‘Providing Stable Development and Social Security.’

“This year, the President has valued our work. We became grant operators. We were given four courses: the family, family values, protection of maternity, social adaption of disabled children and public monitoring in the social field. We are receiving very many bids. There are regions where our work is especially active. It all depends on leadership, the personnel of our organizations both at the municipal level and at the regional level, which is why the Women's Council of Russia has set out to teach as many of us in women's councils, and our leaders of regional offices. There are two completely new organizations from Crimea and Sevastopol, where we have established our organizations. We have already been to Sevastopol, signed an agreement on social partnership with the head of the region. They have visited us, about two hundred women's councils of Crimea and Sevastopol have already been trained here in Moscow.”



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