Slutsky is the Best Russian Football Coach

Slutsky is the Best Russian Football Coach

By Vestnik Kavkaza


In Moscow, a ceremony of awarding tge prize "Best Russian Football Coach in 2012 - 2013" was held. The award was received by Leonid Slutsky. CSKA under his leadership last season won the title of champion of Russia, won the national cup, which became the second one for the coach with CSKA, and won the Russian Super Cup. TV commentator Viktor Gusev said: “Already for the twentieth time in the season the prize is awarded to the best Russian coach. There is a list of winners, and it is very interesting, by the way, because we can remember all the relatively brief history of our football.”


“Many coaches, I cannot list how many local and foreign coaches have received these prizes – this is not the point, but we are certainly more pleased if the prize is awarded to a domestic coach,” Nikita Simonyan, Honored Coach of the Russian Federation, the first vice-president of the RFU, states. You should go further out to win the European Cup. The UEFA Cup is okay, but the Champions League is, perhaps, even better. And believe me, we are interested in domestic coaches leading our clubs.”

Mikhail Hershkowitz, chairman of the Association of Russian Coaches, supported Russian coaches: “The victory is all our domestic coaches who today may be unfairly marginalized. But time proves that only our people, our experts can bring not some local success but success on an overall scale. Because one can hardly expect that foreign experts coming here will think about how to develop football in our country, and without coaching thoughts developing football, as probably any other sport, is simply impossible.”


“In football, nothing happens alone, especially getting some individual awards, it's very concerning,” Leonid Slutsky said. He also stated that he didn’t receive invitations to head a foreign team.