Information support of the Olympics

Information support of the Olympics

By Vestnik Kavkaza

Yesterday in Sochi Vladimir Putin reported that representatives of foreign special services are taking part in providing security at the Olympic Games 24 hours a day. Matters of security, including information security, are top priority during major international events. It has been said many times that the information infrastructure will come under great pressure during the Olympics; and it may be a reason for breaks in information systems supporting the Olympic Games and make the information infrastructure vulnerable to cyber-criminals.


The organising side promises that the Olympic information support will be at a high level. “We have talked to all information agencies which played the role of host agencies at the last four Olympics and implemented the experience of our colleagues. I mean Chinese Xinhua, the Canadian Press, and the British Press Association,” Maxim Filimonov, the first deputy editor-in-chief of RIA Novosti, says. “Due to the International Olympic Committee we received an unprecedented number of accreditations for the Russian media; we have accredited about 85 people to work at the Olympic facilities. Half of them are article writers of the sporting information agency R-Sport. And another half are photojournalists. We will produce about 1200 photos and 400 articles a day. So the volume of produced content will include hundreds of thousands of items. A part of the content will be free to download. At the moment several hundred media agencies have registered to use our photo base, where about 200 photos will be available every day for any mass media.”


According to Filimonov, “the IOC pays a lot of attention to the way the mass media of a host country use Olympic content; it watches for all cases of illegal usage. Any mass media can register even during the Olympics and Paralympics and have access to the content without any problems with the IOC or our regulators, I mean problems with using illegal content, first of all photos. We will use shooting from photo-robots. We have already fixed some such robots at several arenas in Olympic Sochi to make pictures which cannot be shot by a person physically.”


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