Georgia – homeland of the dinosaurs?

Georgia – homeland of the dinosaurs?


Scientists from Ilia Chavchavadze Tbilisi University have discovered 100 million year-old dinosaur remains. The sensational discovery was made in the west of the country in the canyon of the Abasha River. At first, two distinct tracks, presumed to belong to a dinosaur, were discovered in the rocky soil of the canyon and then the remains of a herbivorous dinosaur were dug out. These remains provided the basis  for a hypothesis promoted by the Georgian scientists, that three previously unknown species of dinosaurs existed in the Mesolithic Period and became extinct 60 million years ago.

Another well-preserved dinosaur trace was discovered near the village of Sataplia in the canyon of the same river in the 1960s. This place has become a world known tourist attraction.

According to the paleontologists, the Caucasus looked entirely different in the age of the dinosaurs: it was an archipelago of big islands with a tropical climate. 

Information about the new discovery has already been sent to all the world's major institutes and now Georgia expects confirmation from the international scientific community. If the claim of the Tbilisi paleontologists withstands the scrutiny of foreign scientists, this discovery will be the second in Georgia in the past few years.

Recently, the remains of a homo erectus were found in the village of Dmanisi in eastern Georgia, and this discovery totally changes the scientific knowledge about the species’ settlement after their exodus from Africa. The remains of the two individuals, named Zezva and Mzia by the scientists, were declared the first human beings in Europe by President Saakashvili. The remains of dinosaurs and our ancient ancestors as well as the legends of Golden Fleece and the invention of wine make Georgia an attractive country for tourists from all over the world, which is why these brands are supported and promoted by the government.

Georgy Kalatozishvili, Tbilisi, exclusively to VK



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