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Robots help China manage the coronavirus pandemic

Making new friends, or even catching up with old ones, can be hard enough when you're 93 years old and living in fear of the coronavirus. Which is why Chui Dip-sai has been so grateful for Temi, an Israeli-developed service …

Moscow: from cholera to coronavirus (1830-2020)

Watching today's outbreak of coronavirus, historians recall in 1830, when a cholera epidemic broke out in Moscow: the streets were empty, government offices, factories, educational institutions, theaters were closed. Quarantine was …

Gratitude? Greeks once fled to Syria

Today's attempts by Syrians fleeing the war to get into Greek territory reminded many of the events of the Second World War, when Greeks themselves followed the same route, only in the opposite direction. At that time, German and Italian …

The Caucasus without a Cap

Global warming has caused the total area of more than 600 Greater Caucasus glaciers to drop by approximately 16%, according to an international research team that includes Stanislav Kutuzov, geographer from HSE University. …