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 In spite of the economic crisis, the cultural life in the Republic of Chechnya is developing quite successfully. Theatrical art is no exception. According to the republic's minister of culture, Dikalu Musakaeva, local authorities are trying to support talented artists.

Four-way cooperation

The youth parliaments of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia and the Perm Krai have discussed the issues of peacekeeping in the Caucasus

Skyscraper construction damages Yerevan

New buildings in the capital of Armenia are being constructed without any account being taken of the traditional architectural style of the city or its financial capabilities.

Zenit's first step

  Zenit Saint-Petersburg, having spent 50 million euros to strengthen the team's composition, just barely beat a mediocre French team.

Ingushetia prepares for Hajj

The Hajj is an important aspect of Russia's participation in international religious processes, as many regions of the Russian Federation form an integral part of Islamic civilization.

Javadov Passion

Vagif Javadov to choose between teams of Russia, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands