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Oil production in paradise

 The benefits of oil production in the Abkhazian sector of the Black Sea offshore area are doubtful, but no protests have been launched yet.

Beach rested against politics

For several months now, a youth camp has been at work in the Georgian settlement of Anaklia, situated on the sea shore at the same place where Mikhail Saakashvili is going to build "the best resort on theBlack Sea".

Who is Happy in Russia?

The Institute of Regional Information has published a very interesting research devoted to living standards in the regions of Russia. Quality of life was estimated according to 6 major indicators of well-being.

Ingush projects

Five out of eleven projects introduced by the Ingush delegation have been chosen for the NCFD's development plan.

Chess politics

The Russian Chess Federation  has appealed to the FIDO  with a request to change the standing order of this year’s chess championships.