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Russian national team in Vladikavkaz

Vladikavkaz is one of the cities bidding to to host the Euro-2012 qualifier between Russia and Armenia, the president of the Russian Football Union, Sergei Fursenko, stated.

Youth and politics

A forum entitled "Strategic issues of youth policy in the Caucasus" finished recently in Pyatigorsk.

Stavropol modernization

Stavropol Territory to present 16 investment projects at the VI International Investment Forum “Sochi-2010”.

Good news for Advocaat

Dick Advocaat, the coach of the Russian national football team,accused his forwards of a bad game after the 1-0 home loss toSlovakia.

Chechen peacekeepers

The so-called evliya (saints) and their ideas are becoming more and popular in Chechnya.

Georgia’s network

Modern state, according to a well known formula, consists not only of army, police, customs, finance, but also – and that is equally important – of its infrastructure and energetic system.

Caspian region center of attention again

The Caspian region is again at the center of public attention.Politicians seem to be interested in further continuation of the talksabout the Caspian Sea's status, and the development of cooperationbetween the Caspian countries.

Youth behaviour code

The North Caucasian authorities will survey the observance of moral and ethical norms by young people

Host round

For Caucasian teams the 20th round was rather unlucky. Regional teams always play badly in away competitions.