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Ossetians vs Zhirinovsky

Deputies of the North Ossetian parliament have addressed the chairman of the State Duma of Russia, Boris Gryzlov

Andreas Herkel's notes from Azerbaijan

Mr. Herkel admits that he knew almost nothing about Azerbaijan before he came to the country. Still, he has found out that Azerbaijan is a country with a rich and interesting history.

Women's boxing in the North Caucasus

After the International Olympic Committee's Executive Board approved the inclusion of women's boxing for the Games in London in the 2012 Olympics, this sport has gained fresh impetus.

Dagestanis vs Zhirinovsky

Nationalistic statements by Duma deputy speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky during the TV broadcast of "Duel" have triggered a wave of indignation among the Dagestani elite 

Illegal Norwegian

The name of Maria Amelie, or Maria Salamova has been in the media a lot recently.

Vainakhi vs Zhirinovsky

In Chechnya and Ingushetia statements by the Duma's vice speaker are considered slander the peoples of the North Caucasus

Olympic equator

Three years to Olympics 2014: mascot to be chosen and test competitions to be held this February.