Russian-Azerbaijani military cooperation discussed in Baku

Russian-Azerbaijani military technical cooperation was discussed at a meeting of the countries' defence ministers in Baku, reports Trend, citing the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry. The meeting also saw a discussion of the situation in the region, as well as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.The efforts of the OSCE Minsk group in the process of Armenian-Azerbaijani rapprochement are unsuccessful, and we should intensify work in this sphere, said Azerbaijani Defence Minister Safir Abiyev at the meeting.

Azerbaijani president praises Victory Day parade in Moscow

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has said he was impressed with the May 9 military parade in Moscow in honor of the 65th anniversary of victory in World War Two, reports Interfax."We enjoyed the Moscow parade," he said at a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in Baku."We are very pleased that our officers were invited to take part in this parade. It symbolizes our unity," the Azerbaijani leader added.

Russian defence minister arrives in Baku

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdukov will arrive in Azerbaijan for a two-day working trip on Tuesday, reports RIA Novosti, citing a Defense Ministry spokesperson.Meetings with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Defense Minister Safar Abiyev are scheduled during the visit.

Victory Day parade begins in Moscow

More than 11,000 military personnel are taking part in the Victory Dayparade in the capital of Russia. For the first time the militaryforces of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Moldova will march withRussian military units on Red Square. Also military personnel of theUSA, the UK, France and Poland will participate in the parade, RIANovosti reports.

Studies in Azerbaijani flood-affected areas to be organized in tents

Lessons at schools suffering from flooding in the Sabirabad, Salyan and Kurdamir districts will be organized in tents, Azerbaijani Education Minister Misir Mardanov said, reports Trend. Over the past week, heavy rains and flooding have inflicted significant damage to several areas of the country. According to the minister, the state is carrying out necessary work to ensure the educational process continues.

OMV welcomes the agreement between Turkey and Azerbaijan on gas

The Austrian oil and gas company OMV, the operator of the Nabuccopipeline project, believes that the agreement achieved between the two countries will provide the European project with about 10 billion cubic meters of Azeri gas annually, stated OMV general director Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer, Trend reports citing the Energy Intelligence Group. Construction of the pipeline will start in 2011. Construction will cost about 1.9 billion euros. It will be able to transit 31

Azerbaijani president holds emergency meeting on flooding

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev held a meeting on eliminating theconsequences of the overflow of the Kura River on May 7th, APAreports.According to the President, flooding has hit 40 regions of therepublic, 20 thousand houses are under water, more than 300 houseshave collapsed, 2000 houses have been damaged and 50 thousand hectaresof fields remain under water.The head of state noted that he had given instructions to evacuatepeople and their cattle from the affected villages and measures werebeing

Turkish experts to participate in working out gas deal

A group of BOTAS company experts will arrive in Baku on May 10 to take part in the working out of an agreement on a gas contract between Azerbaijan and Turkey, reports, citing ANS. This was announced by the head of the investment department of the Azerbaijani National Oil Company Vagif Aliev. The document will take 2-3 days to draw up.

Evacuation in Azerbaijan#039s Shirvan

Evacuation in Azerbaijan's Shirvan

Floodwaters in Azerbaijan have worsened. The emergency headquarters are monitoring the Kura dam breach in the village of Bayramly and the situation in the Sabirabadsk region. The headquarters are headed by Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Orudjali Gadjiyev, and are located in the village of Garagiune in the Sabirabad region, in the police station. Vice-Premier Abid Sharifov and the head of 'Amelioration and Water Economy' company Ahmed Ahmedzade have arrived at the scene.

SOCAR opens first three gas stations under its own brand

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR) has opened thefirst three gas stations under its brand in Baku, on the highwayleading to Baku international airport and on Zykh Highway and inBibi-Eybate, Trend reports.Nine more gas stations under the SOCAR brand will be opened by the endof the year. So far SOCAR has built 30 gas stations in Georgia.The company also plans a retail business in Ukraine. So far it hascarried out the rebranding of 20 gas stations. Oil product marketingwill start in May.

Delimitation issue between Azerbaijan and Russia resolved

The issue of the delimitation of state borders between Azerbaijan andRussia has been fully resolved, Trend reports, citing the head of theState Committee on land and mapping of Azerbaijan Garib Mamedov.According to Mamedov, Russia and Azerbaijan came to an agreement onexploiting the border bridge over Samur river, forests and otherdisputed territories.The head of State Committee said that they are currently working onmaps, and the work will be completed in the near future.

Kura and Araks flood neighborling villages

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan has reportedthreats to cities and regions in the republic after heavy rain andfloodwaters from the rivers Kura and Araks, Trend reports.Some 800 rescue workers have been mobilized, as well equipment. Wateris currently being pumped from a number of locations, includingShirvan on the Kura river, and the administrative center of theSabirabad region.

Dam gives way in eastern Azerbaijan

A dam has been breached on the River Kura, flooding the Bayramlivillage in east Azerbaijan's Shirvan region (100-120 km west of Baku),RIA Novosti reports, citing the ANS TV channel. The situation in theSalyan region also remains critical.The water levels are continuing to rise and approximately 200 staffmembers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations have been mobilized,said the report.The floodwaters are heading to the Sabirabad region, threatening theBaku-Goradiz railroad.

Baku-Goradiz railroad faces flood risk

The Shirvan-Osmandi rail yard of the Baku-Goradiz railroad faces therisk of flooding due to rising water levels. According to APA, thepress secretary of Azerbaijani Railroads Nadir Azmamedov said thatmudslides have almost reached the railroad. The necessary equipmenthas already been mobilized, and there are no train delays so far, hesaid.

May 10 declared 'Geydar Aliyev Day' in Santa Fe

May 10 has been declared Geydar Aliyev Day in Santa Fe, the capital ofthe U.S. state of New Mexico. The Azerbaijani consulate-general inLos-Angeles told that, taking into account the historicalrole of Geydar Aliyev in creating an independent Azerbaijan and theestablishment of partner relations with the West, the mayor of SantaFe, David Koss, declared May 10 Geydar Aliyev Day.

Prospects of Azerbaijani, NATO cooperation discussed in Brussels

The Secretary-General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the head ofAzerbaijani delegation to the alliance Kamil Khasiyev have discussedthe prospects of cooperation between Azerbaijan and NATO, theAzerbaijani Foreign Ministry said, Trend reports.The Secretary-General said he highly valued the Azerbaijanicontribution to the restoration of stability in Afghanistan and itsparticipation in peacekeeping operations.

Sargsyan, Aliyev will not meet in Moscow

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has no plans to meet his Azerbaijanicounterpart Ilkham Aliyev in Moscow, RIA Novosti reports, citing theArmenian president's press-secretary.An informal summit of CIS and CSTO countries will take place on May 8 in Moscow.Azerbaijani media report that the presidents plan a meeting within theframework of the summit.

Azerbaijan ready to supply gas for Nabucco

Azerbaijan is prepared to supply half its gas extracts to the Nabuccopipeline that will bypass Russia as it pumps gas to Europe, RIANovosti reports, citing a presidential administration official."Azerbaijan attaches great importance to Nabucco ... We are ready tosupply 50% of Azerbaijani gas via the pipeline," Ali Gasanov, head ofthe social and political department of the Azerbaijani presidentadministration, said.

Armenian-Turkish protocols frozen - Turkish foreign minister

Armenian-Turkish protocols frozen - Turkish foreign minister

Protocols on the rapprochement of Turkey and Armenia have been frozen,and not scrapped, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has toldthe Milliyet newspaper, APA reports.He said Turkey and Armenia will have low-key talks and then take stepsto regulate the Nagorno-Karabakh problem.

Nabucco construction will start on time

Construction of the Nabucco gas pipeline for the transport of naturalgas from the Caspian to Europe, bypassing Russia, will start on timein 2011, official Nabucco spokesman Christian Dolezal said, theTurkish business channel CNBC said.According to Dolezal, 70% of expenses will be compensated by thefinancial institutions and 30% - by consortium members."The EU has already provided us with a 200 million euro loan," -Dolezal said as quoted by RIA Novosti.