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Presidents of Georgia and Azerbaijan discuss joint projects

The Georgian and Azerbaijani presidents, Ilham Aliev and Mikheil Saakashvili, discussed the realisation of energy and infrastructure projects today in Batumi.

Russian and Brazilian diplomats discuss Iranian nuclear programme

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov and Brazilian Ambassador Karlos Antonio da Rosa Paranos discussed Iran's nuclear programme in Moscow on Friday, reports the Foreign Ministry's Information and Press Department. «Several issues of a bilateral character, including scheduling Russian-Brazilian contacts for the current period and Iran's nuclear programme, were discussed», reports RIA-NOVOSTI, citing the ministry.

Ambulance development program approved in Armenia

The government of Armenia approved the strategy of ambulance development and actions towards the realization of the strategy at a Cabinet session today, News Armenia reports. According the the Minister of Healthcare of Armenia Arutiun Kushkyan, the strategy was developed based on the government program for 2010.. The minister also said that 88 new ambulances will arrive from China.

Armenia and China to sign agreement on recognizing higher education diplomas

The government of Armenia has approved the signing of a document on mutual recognition of higher education documents and science titles, News Armenia reports.The minister of education and science of Armenia, Armen Ashotyan said that every year approximately 15 Armenian students study in China, based on international agreements. Ashotyan said that the issue is being raised for professions that are not registered in Armenia, particularly in Chinese medicine.

Russian-Iranian alert partnership( Part 2)

Russian-Iranian alert partnership( Part 2)

Many different events have taken place in the history of Russo-Iranian relations, both positive and negative. However, the parties have always sensed and been aware of each other's significance. 

Iran ready to start talks with international mediators in Sept.

Iran is ready to re-start negotiations with six international mediators

Iran forces Israel to open up

Iran forces Israel to open up

A new wave of confrontation around Iran is the result of relationsbetween Russia and the USA. Obama's administration managed to findcommon ground with the Kremlin. Russia agrees more with the USapproach to solving the Iranian nuclear issue.

Russian tourism expands its office network

By 2011 Russian tourism will have opened offices in Turkey, Egypt andChina, according to deputy chief of the federal agency for tourism,Alexander Radkov, RIA Novosti reports.According to Radkov, the Russian tourist market is seeing a greatrise, tourist numbers this year exceed the record of 2008. Statisticsshow a 20% increase compared to 2009.

Iran to clarify conditions for continuing negotiations

Tehran will tell the international community next week about the conditions for continuing negotiations on an Iranian nuclear program settlement with the mediators (Russia, China, USA, France, UK, Germany), Fars reports, citing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.Ahmadinejad said that UN Security Council is an unjust structure that must be replaced. He said that they are ready to continue talks with the six mediators, adding that Tehran wants its opponents to recognize the new resolution as a mistake.

Enterprises of Harbin may build two factories in Krasnodar

The mayor of Krasnodar, Vladimir Yevlanov, and enterprises of its twin city Harbin in China, have signed an agreement on the construction of two factories producing building materials and beverages, RIA Novosti reports.A delegation from the Kuban capital headed by the mayor visited Harbin on June 14th - 19th "to strengthen economic and cultural relations between Krasnodar and the Chinese megapolis".

Number of migrants grows in Chechnya

1726 foreigners have been registered in Chechnya during the five months of this year, while in the whole of 2009 there were only 2024. 70% of them come from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, the rest are from China, Vietnam, Slovenia, reports.

Azerbaijan and China sign agreement on technical-economic cooperation

Azerbaijani Premier Artur Rasi-Zade has met with member of the Permanent Committee of the Chinese Political Bureau, secretary of the Central Commission of Chinese Communist Party on disciplinary inspection, XI Gocian, on his visit to Baku. The countries signed an agreement on technical-economic cooperation, AzerTag reports.

Iran and SCO: strange relations and a strange break-up

Iran and SCO: strange relations and a strange break-up

The results of the Tashkent Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit have become an unpleasant revelation for Tehran.

Iran not to cut back ties with Moscow or Beijing

The Iranian foreign ministry believes that China and Russia voted forthe UN sanctions in order to avoid implementation of tougher ones, amember of the national security committee Hosein Ebrahimi said,Interfax reports.Earlier some Iranian parliamentarians proposed drawing up a plan onrevising relations with Russia and China, but following talks withexperts came to the conclusion that the new sanctions will not affectthe Iranian economy.

Iranian parliamentarians prepare response to UN sanctions

Iranian parliamentarians are holding discussions on a response to afourth round of the UN sanctions adopted by the UN Security Council onJune 9, Trend reports."The new round of sanctions confirmed the US's hostility towards theIranian people," parliamentarian Kazem Delhosh said.He also noted that this would strengthen the Iranian strive formodernization and that the Iranian people will fight for their rights.He said the positions of Russia and China rasied a number of issues.

Iran threatens Russia, China with retaliatory sanctions

Iran has threatens "retaliation measures" against all the states thatvoted for new, harsher sanctions against it, including Russia andChina."The Iranian energy commission is considering the possibility ofimposing economic sanctions against all these states. Such countriesas China and India benefited from a high level of trade turnover untilnow. A shrinking of bilateral trade will badly affect their economicinterests," the head of the commission said, reports.

China and Kazakhstan agree on construction of second stage of pipeline

The Chinese National Gas Corporation and the Kazakh company "GazMunayGas" have signed an agreement on the construction of the second part of the China-Kazakhstan pipeline, ITAR-TASS reports.

SCO member states adopt joint declaration

Following the summit the SCO member-states also adopted a joint declaration.

New risks for Eurasian integration

New risks for Eurasian integration

It is necessary to change the principles of political decision making in the terms of integrative structures, to widen the social component of the notion of "security", and to define more clearly the border between the internal problems and external risks

SCO meeting starts in Tashkent

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO )members started a meeting inTashkent on Friday, ITAR-TASS reports.The participants will discuss issues of security and the situations inAfghanistan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as development of economic andinvestment cooperation. At the end of the meeting the members willapprove a new scheme for accepting new members.

UN Security Council introduces Iranian sanctions

The UN Security Council passed a resolution on new sanctions againstIran on Wednesday, due to Iran’s refusal to stop uranium enrichment,Reuters reports.12 Security Council members voted for the resolution, Turkey andBrazil voted against, Lebanon abstained.The document was developed based on a US project. It was amended basedon the opinions of the six mediators in the Iranian nuclear programsettlement (Russia, the USA, China, France, UK and Germany) andnon-permanent Security Council members.

Georgia owes over $3 billion to creditors

The total Georgian external debt for state credit guarantees as of May 31st this year reached $3.448 billion, Rosbalt reports, citing the Georgian Ministry of Finance.

Afghan drug trafficking 'feeds Caucasus terrorists'

Afghani drug trafficking feeds terrorists in the North Caucasus,Viktor Ivanov, the head of the Federal Drug Control Service, said, RIANovosti reports."Afghan drug trafficking is a global problem, as it feedsinternational crime and terrorism," Ivanov said.The two-day Drug Production: a Challenge to the InternationalCommunity forum started in Moscow on Wednesday.Ivanov said there is a direct link between "Afghan heroin" anddisturbances in the Fergana Valley and some regions of China. He also

Iran threatens to break off relations with IAEA

The Iranian government will consider freezing relations with the IAEA,if the UN Security Council imposes new sanctions against Iran. Thechairman of the national security committee Alaeddin Borujerdiexpressed hope that Russia and China will not "yield to US pressure",Interfax reports.On Tuesday, the UN Security Council continued talks behind closeddoors on the Iranian nuclear program, on the initiative of Brazil andTurkey, which recently reached a uranium exchange deal with Iran.The

Resolution project on Iran approved

The resolution project of the Security Council of UN on Iran has beenapproved, RIA Novosti reports, citing a high-ranking diplomatic sourcein Moscow.The date of the document’s applicability is unclear. The sourceemphasized that the resolution does not exclude a constructivedialogue with Iran.The project of possible new sanctions against Iran was discussed bythe six mediators of the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program(Russia, USA, China, France, UK and Germany).

CICMA gaining influence in Asia

The Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia(CICMA) is gradually transforming into a full-fledged organization forcooperation and security on the Asian continent, Kazakh PresidentNursultan Nazarbayev said, opening the third summit of the heads ofCICMA member-states, ITAR-TASS reports.He noted that he welcomes Vietnam’s and Iraq’s joining CICMA andBangladesh becoming an observer. The forum unites 22 countries,comprising over 90% of the Asian landmass and half the world’spopulation.

Armenia and Fiji establish diplomatic relations

Armenia and Fiji have established diplomatic relations. The ArmenianForeign Ministry’s press office said the Armenian ambassador to China,Armen Sarkisyan, and his Fiji counterpart signed the agreement,Armenia Today reports.The meeting also saw a discussion of cooperation within the frameworkof international organizations, in particular the UN.

Putin arrives in Istanbul for "confidence-building" forum

Putin arrives in Istanbul for "confidence-building" forumRussian Premier Vladimir Putin has arrived in Istanbul to take part ina session of the third summit of the Conference on Interaction andConfidence-building Measures in Asia (CICA). As reports ITAR-TASS,Putin will make a speech at the morning session. A number of bilateralmeetings are also scheduled for the visit.It is expected that Putin will hold meetings with Turkish PremierRecep Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, Azerbaijani President Ilham

Istanbul awaits CICA summit

Istanbul awaits CICA summit

Within the CICA summit's framework will be held several important international meetings.

Iranian president visits Turkey

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrives in Turkey on Monday forthe Conference on Interaction and Confidence-building Measures in Asia(CICA summit), which Turkey will host on June 8. The summit will see adiscussion of regional security issues, mutual cooperation, and waysof solving regional problems.Within the visit, Ahmadinejad will discuss issues related to a recenturanium exchange deal brokered by Turkey and Brazil with PrimeMinister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.Under the deal, Iran agreed to exchange 1,200 kg of low enriched