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'Cinema in your yard' festival to start in Sochi

Various districts of Sochi will have open air cinemas on June 6-16 todemonstrate films of the world cinematography fund, due to the openingof the 'Kinotaur' traditional festival, reports.

'The Most Armenian Nose - 2010' contest in Yerevan

The winner of 'The Most Armenian Nose' contest in 2010 is a citizen ofthe city of Alaverdi in the Lory region of Armenia, the organizer ofthe contest said.The winner will be awarded a free plastic surgery operation, the headof the plastic surgery department of the Medical Center ofKanaker-Zeytun, Karen Daniyelyan, said. The name of the winner willnot be revealed, News Armenia reports.Danilyelyan added that second and third places will get plasticsurgery discounts.

Georgia's 'First Caucasian' TV channel stops broadcasting

Georgia's Russian-language TV channel 'First Caucasian' has stoppedbroadcasting for an undetermined period, the head of the channel,Georgiy Chanturia, said at a press-conference, reports.Chanturia said that the broadcasting was stopped due to legalproceedings with a French company whose satellite was used tobroadcast 'First Caucasian's'. programmes.

New owner for Georgian television company Imedi

The television company Imedi is being purchased by a Ukrainian PRcompany. According to Trend, the Ukrainian company is activelycooperating with the new government of Ukraine and is negotiating withthe Georgian side.The head of the information service of the Ukrainian channel '1+1'Oksana Zinoviyeva may become the director-general of Imedi.Imedi became popular under late billionaire Badri Patarkatsishviliwhen it was in opposition to the current authorities.

Turkish parliament demands government review relations with Israel

Turkish parliament demands government review relations with Israel

The Turkish parliament approved a unanimous declaration on Wednesdaycriticizing a deadly attack on naval humanitarian convoy heading toGaza by Israeli commandos, RIA Novosti reports.The Turkish legislative assembly demanded the government review itsrelations with Israel in the trade-economic and military spheres. Italso urged Israel to apologize for its actions and wants Israel to bebrought to face international charges. Parliament also called onIsrael to lift the blockade on Gaza immediately.

Moscow hosts exhibition of "Memorial of Glory" reconstruction projects

An exhibition of the six best proposals for reconstruction of the"Memorial of Glory", which was blown up in Georgia, has opened todayin Moscow, RIA Novosti reports.The 40-meter high monument in honor of the Georgians who fought inWorld War II was blown up in Kutaisi on December 19, 2009. RussianPremier Vladimir Putin proposed recreating the memorial in Moscow atPoklonoi Hill, near to the War Museum.Six of the twenty-five best projects have been chosen from a

Azerbaijani president determined priorities in further economic development

The traditional and significant 17th exhibition in Azerbaijan ‘Oil andgas, oil refinement and oil chemistry of the Caspian’ is being held in2010, Azerbaijani President Ilkham Aliyev said, Trend reports.The exhibition was first held in 1994. Today, Azerbaijan's economy isnot so dependent on the oil factor. Azerbaijan has been cooperatingwith foreign companies for 16 years.

Memorial to Beslan tragedy in Moscow

A memorial to the Beslan tragedy has been unveiled in the center of Moscow. The monument was built on the square in front of the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God in Kulishki, ITAR-TASS reports. The Patriarch of Moscow and All-Russia Alexiy II handed the church over to the Ossetian community in 1996. The republic of North Ossetia initiated the construction of the monument.

Russian poet Voznesenski dies at 77

The renowned Russian poet Andrei Voznesenski passed away on Tuesday atthe age of 77, the TV channel "Rossiya - 24" said.Voznesenski was fist published his works in 1958 and was severelycriticized by the Soviet authorities. In the 1960's he travelledaround Europe and later created many masterpieces inspired byimpressions from these trips.His poems were the inspiration for the rock-opera such as Yunona and Avos.

Moscow hosts Russian-Armenian cultural festival

The Armenian Moscow-based theatre "Amazgain" has organized aRussian-Armenian cultural festival, RIA Novosti reports. The festivalis devoted to the memory of the Armenian expert in arts, director ofContemporary Arts Museum and Moscow Museum of Architecture GenrihIgityan.Within the framework of the festival, exhibitions of prominentArmenian and Russian artists will be held.

Disabled children's art festival to take place in Vladikavkaz

A disabled children's art festival is starting in the North Ossetian capital on the first of June. Delegations from Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Stavropol Krai and North Ossetia-Alania will participate in it, reports.

Turkey celebrates anniversary of Istanbul's conquest

Turkey celebrates the 557th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul by the Turks, Trend reports, with reference to the Turkish agency Anadolu. During the celebration a conquest of the city was reenacted. The mayor of Istanbul Muammer Guler and other officials took part in the festivities.

Juhuri dictionary published in Baku

A dictionary of Juhuri, the language of the Mountain Jews, has been published in Baku. The publisher of the dictionary, Mikhail Argunov, said the publication proves that Azerbaijan is trying to preserve and develop languages of small nations. The dictionary consists of a Juhuri - Russian part (14,000 words and phrases) and Russian - Juhuri (more than 19,000 words). This is the first dictionary of this size, Aragunov said.

Cossack culture festival starts in Adigeya

A two-day traditional regional Cossack culture festival, partlyorganized by the Culture Ministry of the Republic of Adigeya began onFriday reports Yuga.ruAlmost 50 adult ensembles and 14 groups of young artists, representingdifferent southern regions in Russia, will take part in the Adigeyafestival.

Massive monument may be unveiled in Sukhumi

The president of Abkhazia recently received a proposal to unveil a66-meter-high monumental complex "Gracious Angel of Peace" in therepublic's capital Sukhumi, reports RIA Novosti.The monument is aimed at creating a peaceful image of the republic asa regional center of business and tourism. There is also a plan tohold an "Internationial Summer Festival of Good Deeds-2010" and the1st Ecological Forum "Living Nature" in Abkhazia.

Makhachkala hosts session of Caspian Association of Universities

Dagestani State University is hosting a session of the XIV GeneralAssembly of the Association of Caspian region Universities, reportsRIA Dagestan. Today at a special ceremony, the Dagestani StateUniversity will be granted leadership of the organization for the nextfive years.Within the framework of the Association, various activities arecarried out: student Olympics, seminars, and conferences aimed atestablishing closer ties between the universities of the region.

Ingush cadets

Ingush cadets

16 years ago an elite educational organization was founded in Ingushetia.

Iran to recognize diplomas of 3 Armenian universities

Iran's Education and Science Ministry is ready to recognize thediplomas of 3 Armenian state universities, Armenian Education andScience Minister Armen Ashotyan told journalists on Wednesday, The Armenian Minister announced that Iran will recognizethe diplomas of Yerevan State Medical University named after M.Heratsi, Yerevan State University and the State Engineering Universityof Armenia.The agreement on the of the Armenian diplomas was reached duringAshotyan's visit to Iran May 21-26. The issue should be resolved bySeptember.

Armenian language to be studied in Turkish university

A faculty of Armenian language and Hebrew will be opened in the Erciyez University in the Turkish city of Kayseri, Trend reports.

Ship carrying Iranian actors sinks in Persian Gulf

A ship carrying Iranian actors has sunk 5 kilometres from the islandof Kish in the Persian Gulf, reports ITAR-TASS.The accident occurred on Monday evening when the ship ran out of fueland overturned. There were no casualties, although all the equipmentfor the film "Everything the Lord Wants" was lost.