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Ingush cadets

Ingush cadets

16 years ago an elite educational organization was founded in Ingushetia.

Iran to recognize diplomas of 3 Armenian universities

Iran's Education and Science Ministry is ready to recognize thediplomas of 3 Armenian state universities, Armenian Education andScience Minister Armen Ashotyan told journalists on Wednesday, The Armenian Minister announced that Iran will recognizethe diplomas of Yerevan State Medical University named after M.Heratsi, Yerevan State University and the State Engineering Universityof Armenia.The agreement on the of the Armenian diplomas was reached duringAshotyan's visit to Iran May 21-26. The issue should be resolved bySeptember.

Armenian language to be studied in Turkish university

A faculty of Armenian language and Hebrew will be opened in the Erciyez University in the Turkish city of Kayseri, Trend reports.

Ship carrying Iranian actors sinks in Persian Gulf

A ship carrying Iranian actors has sunk 5 kilometres from the islandof Kish in the Persian Gulf, reports ITAR-TASS.The accident occurred on Monday evening when the ship ran out of fueland overturned. There were no casualties, although all the equipmentfor the film "Everything the Lord Wants" was lost.

XII Congress of Russian Press opening in Israel

The XII Congress of Russian Press is opening in Israel today. Journalists from 50 countries are participating in it. 140 of them will be Israeli, 200 will come from abroad.The congress was initiated by the Israeli president Benyamin Netanyahu. The organizing committee invites participation in the project online at the website

Sukhumi unveils monument to national poet

A monument in honor of Abkhaz national poet Bagrat Shinkuba has beenunveiled in the capital, Sukhumi, reports Yuga. Abkhaziantop-officials, including President Sergei Bagapsh, attended theunveiling ceremony."Bagrat Vasilievich will remain in the history of our people forever.He created real masterpieces," the architect who designed the monumentsaid at the ceremony.

Moscow school named after Marshal Bagramyan

A school in south-east Moscow is to be renamed in honor of MarshalHovhannes Bagramyan, reports Panorama.Bagramyan was a Soviet Armenian World War Two military commander andMarshal of the Soviet Union, and twice hero of the USSR.

Italian director makes documentary about Armenia

An Italian director Pyetro Kiodarli, inspired by his last year's visitto Armenia, made a documentary called 'The Sacred Stones of Armenia',Armenia Today reports.According to the Armenian Foreign Ministry, the presentation of the52-minute film in Italy about Christianity, Medieval monuments, oldtemples, monasteries, and churches described by Armenian and Italianhistorians and architects, has already taken place.

Belarussian and Armenian Academies of Science sign cooperation treaty

An agreement of cooperation between the Armenian and BelarussianAcademies of Science has been signed on Monday, reportsNovosti-Armenia."Being aware of the level of research in the scientific institutionsof Belarus in the spheres of information and space technology, I amabsolutely sure that joint research in these spheres can be reallysuccessful.

Sochi hosts Cultural Olympics

The Cultural Olympics "Sochi-2014" has started in Sochi with anopening ceremony, which gathered popular singers, musicians,show-business figures and athletes in the central square of theOlympic city.

For the Motherland

"For the Motherland"

To mark the anniversary of the victory in WW II, VK publishes excerpts from the book "The Secret of the Marukhskiy Glacier" by Vladimir Gneushev and Andrei Poputko.

Chief of Armenian military police honored with Church award

The chief of Armenia's Military Police, Vladimir Gasparyan, has beenawarded an honorary medal frrom the Armenian Apostolic Church - the'St. Nerses Shnorali'. The award ceremony was attended by theCatholicos of all Armenians Garegin II, Defence Minister SeiranOganyan and other top religious and civil officials, reports ArmeniaToday, citing the Church's press-service.It turns out that a true Christian hides behind the scandalousreputation of Gasparyan.

First international lexicography festival in Batumi

The first international lexicography festival will start in Batumi today. Representatives from almost all Georgia's universities and science centers will attend the symposium.The 3-day symposium is aimed at providing lexicographers, publishers and programmers working with electronic dictionaries with an opportunity for dialogue, Georgia Online reports.

President of Georgian mediaholding escapes South Ossetian persecution

The president of the mediaholding 'Georgia Times' and the Georgiancivic organization ‘People’s Orthodox Movement’, Malkhaz Gulashvili,is hiding in South Ossetia from the Georgian authorities, RIA Novostireports, citing a source in the South Ossetian law-enforcementagencies.“Gulashvili is currently in Tskhinvali”, the source said.

Heydar Aliyev Auditorium-Museum opens in Astana

The grand opening of the Heydar Aliyev Auditorium-Museum has takenplace in the Eurasian National University of Lev Gumilyov in Astanatoday, on the initiative of Azerbaijani ambassy in Kazakhstan, VKreports.“This event is dedicated to the anniversary of the birth of thenational leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev, and is part of theframework of Baku State University Day at the Eurasian NationalUniversity”, the rector of the Eurasian University, BakhytjanAbdraimov, said at the opening.

Second Belarus exhibition starts in Azerbaijan

The National Exhibition of the Belarus Republic started in the Heidar Aliyev sports complex in Baku, Azerbaijan. The exhibition presents companies and groups producing crystal, furniture, tyres, cars, meat and milk products, alcoholic drinks, information technology and other products, Turan reports.

Iranian delegation to visit EXPO-2010

An Iranian business delegation will visit EXPO-2010 in China, Iran News reports, citing ISNA.The Secretary of the joint Iranian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Trade, Industry and Mines, Mariam as-Sadat Samiani, said that a group of over a hundred people will arrive at the exhibition the day before Iranian National Day to participate in discussions on commercial-economic cooperation.

Kutaisi celebrates anniversary

Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri is visiting Kutaisi today to mark the city's anniversary, Georgia today reports.He is due to open several new sites, including the renovated railwaystation building and a new sports center. Over three thousand guests, including members of foreign delegations, have been invited to the celebration. A grand concert given by Nino Katamadze will close the day. A free industrial zone is to be created in Kutaisi. An agreement on this has been signed with the Egyptian company "Fresh Electric".

Armenian museums to be open for night visitors

Armenian museums will be open throughout the night on 18 May, ArmeniaToday reports.The event is aimed at attracting young people to high art. The eventhas taken place since 1999 and is supported by UNESCO.

Dali in Georgia

Dali in Georgia

An exhibition of the works of the Spanish-Catalan painter and sculptorin the former estate of the Chavchavadze family