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Azerbaijanis celebrate Wind Tuesday of Novruz

Today Azerbaijanis celebrate Yel Chershenbesi (Wind Tuesday), the third of the four festivals celebrated on the last four Tuesdays prior to the Novruz holiday. Four pre-holiday Tuesdays of Novruz are Su Chershenbesi (Water Tuesday), Od …

Elton John announces concerts in Georgia

Famous English singer, pianist and composer Elton John is coming to Georgia this year to perform a concert in front of thousands of dedicated fans at the country's newest performance venue, the Black Sea Arena, reports. …

Vladimir Presnyakov to celebrate his jubilee in Baku

The singer, musician and composer Vladimir Presnyakov will celebrate his jubilee participating  at the International Music Festival ‘ZHARA-2018’. A relevant message is published on the official page of the event. …

Turkey and China to cooperate in culture sphere

Turkey has ratified an agreement with China to open a cultural center in this country, the Turkish official newspaper Resmi Gazete reported. In turn, the Chinese cultural center will open in Turkey. The document also envisages …

90th Academy Awards in Los Angeles

The 90th Academy Awards ceremony, better known by the nickname of its award - the Oscar - was held inside the famed Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water has won the Oscar for best picture at the …

Dagestan prepares for Rasul Gamzatov’s anniversary

In Dagestan, the 95th anniversary of the birth of poet Rasul Gamzatov will be celebrated soon, the interim head of the republic, Vladimir Vasilyev, issued a corresponding decree. In accordance with the decree, the regional government …

TV Channel One dedicates day to Muslim Magomayev

Today, the Russian TV Channel One will broadcast programs and television versions of concerts dedicated to the memory of the legendary performer and composer - Muslim Magomayev. Muslim Magomaev was born on August 17th, …

Saudi Arabia starts issuing movie theater licences

Saudi Arabia began issuing licences yesterday to operate movie theaters in the kingdom ahead of their reopening, after a decades-long ban was lifted as part of a far-reaching liberalization drive. The kingdom's culture and …