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'Heat' comes to Baku

The International Musical Festival 'Heat-2017' (Zhara), which will be attended by famous Russian performers, opened in Baku today. Today, on the first day of the festival, Baku spectators will have chance to see Vera Brezhnev, …

 Sabantuy in Moscow

The citywide festival Sabantuy took place for the seventh time in the Moscow museum-reserve of Kolomenskoye on July 22. Sabantuy is a favorite holiday of the Tatar and Bashkir peoples. It includes ceremonies, customs, songs …

World's first smiley discovered in Turkey

The origins of smiley could be nearly 4,000-years-old after archaeologists in southeastern Turkey excavated a pot that bore the ubiquitous symbol, which today is one of the most frequently used emoticons online. The roots of the symbol …

Interethnic holiday ‘Apricot’ in Moscow

Today, Moscow’s Muzeon park of arts hosts  Muscovites’ favorite 4th multinational holiday ‘Apricot’. The event is held by the Union of Armenians of Russia with the support of the Moscow Government, the Council of the …

Remains from 'skull cult' discovered in Turkey

Fragments of carved bone unearthed at an ancient site on a Turkish hillside are evidence that the people who spent time there belonged to a neolithic 'skull cult' – a group that embraces rituals around the heads of the dead. …

Azerbaijan celebrates Ramadan Holiday

Today Azerbaijan marks the Ramadan holiday. Many thousands of Muslims are making festive prayers in the mosques of the country. The holy month of Ramadan was sent down for the Muslims in the second year of Hegira (AD 622). Ramadan …