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Vladimir Vasilyev arrives in Makhachkala

The acting head of Dagestan, Vladimir Vasiliev, arrived in Makhachkala to be presented to the government of the republic later today, a representative of the regional government said. On October 3, Russian President …

Militants killed in Russia's Dagestan identified

Two militants killed in Russia's Dagestan have been identified and are suspected of having murdered a policeman, an informed source said. "These are Jumageldi Ajiniyazov and Kamal Ibragimov, both born in 1988. The …

 Ramazan Abdulatipov: I will submit my resignation

The head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov said today on the radio station ‘Moscow Speaking’ that he will resign. "I will submit my resignation, most probably today. The reasons for the resignation is my …

Border guard dies in explosion at Russia-Georgia border

A border guard died in the explosion, which took place on the Russian-Georgian border in the direction of Dagestan, Georgian media reported. Two more border guards were injured and hospitalized. According to preliminary data, …

Solidarity Day of Dagestani Peoples. Derbent festival

  The Solidarity Day of Dagestani Peoples was celebrated in Derbent. The head of the republic Ramazan Abdullatipov attended the events. He attended the exhibition of national handicraft, ethnic homesteads, as well as a …

 Imam of Makhachkala’s largest mosque dies after hajj

Yesterday,  a 77-year old Imam of the largest mosque of Dagestan’s capital, Idris Israpilov passed away. Idris Israpilov was born in the village of Eched in the Tsumadinsky district in 1940, lived in Makhachkala and was known …

Map of rough roads reduces in Dagestan

A number of rough roads is declining in Dagestan. The relevant information is posted on the official website of the All-Russian People's Front. Eleven road sections were repaired in the republic, another 21 roads were patchworked. …

New reservoir to be built in Nogai district

A reservoir will be built in the Nogai district. It will solve the problem of water shortage. The project has already been approved, a positive conclusion was obtained from the Directorate-General for State Environmental Review, the press service …