Sberbank and VTB establishing interregional airline?

Russia's two largest banks, Sberbank and VTB will establish an airline for interregional flights, business daily Vedomosti reported.citing sources in the industry. The share of flights without stopovers in Moscow amounted to only …

Russia to build Nord Stream 3?

Russian Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky said that construction of the Nord Stream 3 main gas pipeline is possible in case of growth of natural gas demand in Europe. "This is a calculation, an economic task. …

Trump: U.S. to compete Russia in energy

The United States’ policy is to compete with Russia on the global energy market, U.S. President Donald Trump said. "Look at my policies on energy…  I’m opening up our country to natural gas …

Poland signs 20-year gas deal with U.S.

Poland’s state-run energy company  Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG) has struck a 20-year deal to buy liquified natural gas (LNG) from the U.S., as the country pushes to reduce its dependence on imports of Russian …

 Trump names biggest threat to U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump said that the Federal Reserve's policy is the biggest threat to his presidency. "My biggest threat is the Fed," the president said during an interview with FOX Business. …

Oil prices edge up on U.S.-Saudi tensions

Oil prices extended gains into a fourth session today, buoyed as industry data showed a surprise decline in U.S. crude inventories and as geopolitical tensions over the disappearance of a prominent Saudi journalist stoked supply worries. …