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"U.S. attempt to stop Nord Stream-2 fails"

U.S. President Donald Trump's statement on the Nord Stream-2 project is a pragmatic and reasonable political decision, the head of the Russian State Duma Committee on Energy, president of the Russian Gas Society Pavel …

 China hits back at U.S. with $60bn of new tariffs

China is to slap tariffs on an additional $60bn of imports from the U.S. in retaliation against $200bn of new trade sanctions on Chinese goods announced by President Donald Trump. Trump announced his latest escalation …

Novak: current high oil price is temporary

Current oil prices of between $70 and $80 per barrel were only temporary and were driven by sanctions, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said. The minister added that the long-term price would stand at around …

"Oil price to sink to $60"

S&P Global Ratings revised its oil prices forecast for the coming years, director of corporate ratings for S&P Global Ratings Alexander Gryaznov said. "We revised our short-term forecast, and …

Azerbaijan may get SCO observer status

Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry said that the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will consider the issue of Azerbaijan's obtaining observer status/ This issue was discussed at a …

Russia's oil export duty to rise by $7.5 in October

Russia's oil export duty is expected to rise by $7.5 to $137.5 per tonne on October 1 from $130.0 a tonne in September, according to data from the Russian finance ministry. The level of the duty is calculated by the finance ministry …