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Speaker of the Ukrainian parliament calls for Ukrainian-Georgian rapprochement

The speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Vladimir Litvin, said Georgia and Ukraine should develop good relations, reports RIA Novosti. He noted that during the presidential polls in Ukraine "there were many unpleasant moments connected with unauthorised Georgian electioneers". He also added that he adores the Georgian people, their culture and traditions, but unfortunately there is little information shown about it and the current situation in Georgia on Ukrainian TV.

Flights between Yerevan and Tbilisi resumed

The Armenian national airline, Armavia, will resume regular flightstwice a day between Yerevan and Tbilisi from April 23rd, Trendreports. Air traffic between Georgia and Armenia was temporarily halted onFebruary 1st.  According to the United Transportation Administrationof Georgia, the cessation of flights was purely seasonal, due to alack of passenger traffic.

Saakashvili accuses Russia of smuggling uranium

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has accused Russia  of "creating instability," which  enables the transport of highly enriched uranium to the Caucasus.During a special Georgian police operation in Tbilisi in March, several foreign citizens were detained. Police found a small amount of highly enriched uranium in the course of a search. The Ministry of Defense does not rule out that the uranium discovered was a sample intended for selling a larger lot subsequently.

Georgian Ambassador to the U.S. to demand sanctions against Russia from the ICAO today

In connection with the proposed cooperation between Moscow and Abkhazia, Georgian Ambassador to the United States Batu Kutelia will meet with the management of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on April 22nd, reports Trend, citing  Irakli Giviashvili, the head of the International Relations Department of Georgia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.According to him, Russia has violated the Chicago Convention and this may become a reason for suspension of Russia’s vote in the ICAO Assembly.

Georgia wants to take out a patent for 'khachapuri'

"Khachapuri à-là Georgienne"! Tbilisi is going to take out a patent for the famous flatcake with cheese. In this way, the authorities of the country hope to expand their food market abroad. //

EU observer vehicle kills a child

 A car of EU observers in the city of Zugdidi in Georgia has hit a7-year-old child. He died in hospital from his injuries. Witnesses saythat the boy broke away from his mother's hands as they were goinghome from school and …

Georgian envoys are on the way to Moscow again

Georgian "envoys" are on the way to Moscow again

Moscow is ready to maintain contacts with representatives of allpolitical forces in Georgia, except the president

Georgia demands Israel to investigate the damaged Shota Rustaveli bas-relief in Jerusalem

The Georgian Parliament appealed to Knesset to speed up investigations of desecration of the monument to Shota Rustaveli (a Georgian poet of XII, author of “A Knight in the Panther’s Skin”) in Jerusalem. Committee on foreign relations at Georgia’s Parliament sent the letter on Tuesday, Georgia online reports.A monument to Shota Rustaveli was built several years ago on the territory near the Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem. Recently, unknow people damaged the bas-relief using a sharp object.

Georgia simplifies education for foreigners rule

Georgia has simplified the rules for the education of the children of foreign nationals, Georgia Online reports. Foreigners will pay the government 375 lari to receive a voucher for secondary education.

PACE rapporteurs prepare materials on South Ossetia conflict

PACE supports a dialogue between Georgia and South Ossetia, PACE Commission spokesman for the monitoring of the conflict zone David Wilshire said at a meeting with the South Ossetian president’s envoy for post-conflict settlement, Boris Chochiyev, RIA Novosti reports. The meeting took place in the South Ossetia embassy in Moscow.

Abkhazia rejects Turkish mediation in talks with Georgia

Abkhazia has rejected Turkey’s offer to mediate in talks with Georgia, Prime Minister Sergei Shamba said after a meeting with officials at the Turkish Foreign Ministry.   “We are ready to discuss ties between Abkhazia and Turkey with you,” he said in response to the offer, Apsnynpress reports.

Tbilisi airport renews flights to Europe

Tbilisi International Airport renewed flights to Europe today, News-Georgia reports, citing the airport spokesperson. Flights were halted on April 16 over the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. “We had Tbilisi-Paris, Tbilisi-Prague, Tbilisi-Vienna flights. Today we plan to start flights to Frankfurt,” the spokesperson added.

VC chief editor answering readers’ questions

VC chief editor answering readers’ questions

Alexei Vlasov on the interpretation of Eurasianism in Turkey and Azerbaijan and the plausibility of the "color revolutions" in the South Caucasus.

South Ossetia's inhabitants believe that the republic is a part of Russia

The International Institute of the Newly Established States and the South Ossetian State University have carried out an opinion poll in South Ossetia on the topic 'A social portrait of Ossetia: the citizen and the state'. Its results were presented on Monday in Tskhinvali in the building of the university.

Russian uranium transported through Georgia

Russian uranium transported through Georgia

Russian uranium transported through Georgia

Largest ever Georgian flag raised

The largest ever Georgian flag has been raised near the entrance to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, reports the Rustavi-2 TV channel. The 100-square meter flag was manufactured in Turkey on the orders of the local administration.

Lithuanian MPs working out anti-Russian resolution

27 deputies of the Lithuanian parliament initiated a project of drafting a resolution to urge  Russia to withdraw its troops from the Georgian territory. The draft of the resolution has been registered by the secretariat of the Parliament on April 13. The resolution runs that the military presence of Russian armed forces in Abkhazia and South Ossetia is estimated as an illicit occupation of Georgia, Georgia online reports.

Georgian military vehicles ride into South Ossetia

According to Deputy Minister of Defense Ibrahim Gasseev, today about 17.00 Moscow time, two Cobra armored vehicles and a military pickup rode 150 meters deep into the territory of South Ossetia near Okona settlement contiguous to the Georgian settlement Knolivi.. "After warning shots into the air the Georgian servicemen went back to Georgia," Gasseev added.

Black Sea power line to be put into operation in 2012

The first stage of the Black Sea power line construction project which will interconnect power supply systems of Georgia and Turkey is to be finish in two months; The power line construction will be completed and put into operation in 2012, reports "Georgia online”. The power line construction conducted  by the " State Georgian power system” and its subsidiary “Energotrans”  started in September 2009.