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Georgia plans to open new diplomatic missions

Georgia will open 13 new diplomatic missions, reports RIA Novosti, citing the Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze."Our financial resources allow us to send at least one diplomat to those countries with which Georgia has established diplomatic relations," said Kalandadze.The minister said these countries were Canada, Serbia, Croatia, Norway, South Korea, Slovenia, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, Finland and Albania.

Georgian military officials not welcome at Moscow parade

Georgian military officials have not been invited to take part in theVictory Day military parade to be held in Moscow on May 9, a RussianDefense Ministry spokesman said. "The invitations were sent to CIS member-states. Georgia is not partof the CIS," Colonel General Alexei Kuznetsov was reported as sayingby ITAR-TASS.

Long Live Stalin.

Long Live Stalin.

The events of 1956 gave impetus to the development of feelings, whichstarted the national movement in Georgia.

Saakashvili: Georgia to conquer the victory

Georgia is fighting evil on the side of the forces of good and willconquer, as good always wins the fight against evil, claimed Georgianpresident Mikhail Saakashvili. According to Georgia Online,Saakashvili celebrated Easter in a monastery situated in the villageof David Garedzhi near the Azerbaijani-Georgian border."Today Georgia is leading the fight against evil, just as David ledthe fight against Goliath.

Analogue of the Glory Memorial to be erected in Moscow in 2011

By 2011, the Moscow authorities intend to install on Poklonnaya Hill a monument symbolizing the memorial blown up in Kutaisi(Georgia). The resolution about Moscow monument has been already signed by Yuri Luzhkov, Moscow Mayor, reports Interfax. According to the city administration, the Moscow authorities have decided to support public anti-fascist initiative. The monument will be a symbol of the memorial, blown up in Kutaisi.

Georgia to receive financial aid from the USA

Six countries, including Georgia, will receive financial aid from the USA for their participation in the Afghan mission. $50 million will be given to Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Estonia and Hungary. The money is earmarked for maintenance of divisions in the territory of Afghanistan. Altogether, these six countries have sent 1300 troops to Afghanistan. The purpose of the financial aid is to provide an incentive to the servicemen participating in the mission.

Georgian border guards let Armenian citizens pass

At the Upper Lars checkpoint Georgian border guards did not let several citizens of Armenia pass.  Georgian side spokesmen said to the citizens of Armenia, that they can not get to Armenia through the territory of Georgia. It was caused by  the  record in their passports indicating that they have crossed the border between Russia and South Ossetia at the "Lower Zaramag” checkpoint, reports Armenia Today.

Georgian Government to grant a financial amnesty

The Georgian government is preparing the next financial amnesty concerning fines for administrative offences committed before June 15, 2009. The bill will be submitted to Parliament in the next few days, reports Georgia online.

Saakashvili claims his presidency has been a "breakthrough era"

Saakashvili claims his presidency has been a "breakthrough era".According to the statement of Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvilihis presidency will go down history as a period when transportation,water supply and sewage problems were solved. "This will be a greathistorical breakthrough", he said, reports GHN.Saakashvili promised to solve problems with the sewage system by 2013."Not a single residential area without a modern water mains anddrainage system should remain by 2013.

Georgian-Russian border vehicle crossing times announced

Georgian-Russian border vehicle crossing times announcedThe recently reopened Verkhni Lars -Kazbeki checkpoint at theRussian-Georgian border will be open to vehicles from 6.00 pm until8.00 pm during the period from March 1 to November 1.From November until March the crossing will be open from 7.00 am until7.00 pm, the Armenian Ministry of Transport announcedThe border crossing is vital for Armenian exports to Russia.The ministry press service also said that due to weather conditions

Georgian petroleum costs

For the average Georgian, the economic situation in the country is made very clear by something very obvious to everyone - petroleum prices.

On Thursday a meeting of Georgian and Turkish Coast Guard departments took place

In Turkey took place a dual meeting of the Coast Guard commission of Georgia and Turkey, in which Deputy Head of Border Police of Georgia, director of coastal guard division, captain Besik Shengeliya took part, informs Gryziya Online.Georgian side provided information on steam navigation order in Georgian offshore, were discussed possibilities of cooperation in the sphere of military personnel training.

 Georgia will accuse Russia of endangering flights in the Black Sea region

Georgia will accuse Russia of endangering flights in the Black Sea region

It is much more important for the international community than the principle of territorial integrity

Georgian lawmaker outraged by Russian Security Council bombs statement

A statement by the head of Russia’s Security Council suggesting Georgian involvement in Monday’s bombings in the Moscow metro was slammed by Georgian member of parliament and opposition leader Guram Chakhadze. Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said earlier that he could not rule out Georgian involvement in the attack, saying “Georgian footprints” could be discovered.“It is outrageous that this came from someone with a position like Patrushev – this is as good as the official Kremlin position,” he said.

Georgia wants to stop Russia-Abkhazia aviation cooperation

Georgia is to seek international recognition of the "illegal" aviation cooperation between Russia and Abkhazia, reports Interfax."The Georgian Foreign Ministry will take all legal measures to halt the illegal actions of Russia in regards to cooperation with Abkhazia in the sphere of air transport,” the head of the Foreign Ministry’s international relations department said in parliament.

Georgia's response to the terrorist attacks in Moscow

Tbilisi responded to the terrorist attacks fairly promptly.

Easter renewal

Easter renewal

Community of religion makes it possible for Russia and Georgia to demonstrate, that, despite the tragedy of 2008, not all the ships burnt between the two countries.

USA to deploy contingent in Georgia

  USA announced their intention to deploy a military contingent in Georgia.  Spokesmen of the Pentagon said it today in the course of their official to the U.S.Congress, RBC reports. There measures are necessary for “ensuring stability” during the joint preparations with Washington to  hostilities in Afghanistan.

 Circassian question put in Tbilisi

Circassian question put in Tbilisi

      Georgian and American scholars press for the recognition of genocide of Adygs

Former Guantanamo Bay inmates to live freely in Georgia

Three former inmates from the U.S. Guantanamo Bay detention camp whoarrived in Georgia on Tuesday evening will live freely in the country,Georgia Online reported, citing an Interior Ministry official.Interior Ministry analysis chief Shota Utiashvili said theex-prisoners are no threat.“This is why we hope their transfer to Georgia will pose no problem,”he said, adding that housing had already been arranged for the formerinmates.