Alexander Kibovsky: "Moscow citizens celebrate New Year in four waves"

Alexander Kibovsky: "Moscow citizens celebrate New Year in four waves"

Moscow festive sites will gather 10 million visitors during the New Year holidays. About 300 major events will take place on Tverskaya street, VDNHk, in 21 parks, on Poklonnaya Hill and in the Tsaritsyno Museum and Heritage Site. The central theme of the events will be theatrical Moscow. The head of the Department of Culture of Moscow, Alexander Kibovsky, told Vestnik Kavkaza about the preparation for the events.

- At which site will you celebrate the New Year's eve?

- For people it is a holiday, but for us - busy workdays. At each of the 83 sites there are representatives, park managers, heads of offices of those departments that oversee the maintenance of our decorations, all teams are on duty in case of electricity shortages in their places of deployment, all engineering services, curators of sites, management of mass events. The duty roster was already set up, so each of us is at his workplace and in the headquarters, which is formed on the territory of the Moscow mayor's office. This is the center where all decisions are promptly taken, where the order in the city is maintained and the necessary managerial decisions are made if necessary.

- Which sites do you consider the most interesting?

- Each of them has its advantages. I would not recommend you to go to the center - it'll be dark. Each district has its own sites. Tsaritsyno, Sokolniki, Poklonnaya Gora, VDNKh - each site has its own creative program, and there will be plenty of surprises at each of them. If you live on Kutuzov Avenue, why go to Tverskaya? If you come to the Poklonnaya Hill, you will receive unique impressions from New Year's Eve.

The range of artists on each site is unique, but each site will have 'stars'. Each viewer has particular performers, which would be most interesting for him. If you want them to please you on New Year's Eve with their performance, then go to the site with them on stage.

Every New Year's Eve there are four waves of visitors. Each of them has its own goals and preferences.

The first wave is those who come on New Year's Eve to our sites before going home to meet the New Year at the festive table, listening to the mayor's and the president's New Year's addresses, and, of course, drink some champagne while listening to the Kremlin chimes beating 12 o'clock.

The second wave is those planning to do the same outdoors, in our parks and festival territories.

The third wave is those who have already celebrated at home. They came to us to go ice skating or tubing, that is, to complete this festive saga with fun.

The fourth wave, which is called 'insomniac bear' by law enforcement officers, includes 'professional' celebrants who come to meet the dawn. The programs that we are preparing with colleagues meet the demands of the audience, one of these categories of celebrants.


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