Chingiz Huseynov: "It is my task to save honour of Quran as phenomenon of human civilization"

Chingiz Huseynov: "It is my task to save honour of Quran as phenomenon of human civilization"

A meeting with the Russian-Azerbaijani writer and scholar-scholar, Chingiz Huseynov was held today in the All-Russian state library for foreign literature named after M. I. Rudomino. On the sidelines of the meeting, Vestnik Kavkaza asked this remarkable literary critic, culturologist and translator a few questions.

- Chingiz Hasanovich, the theme of human aspiration for dignity, understanding and freedom, against all the social and historical odds and disruptions, permeates your works. So how's it all going in the world?

- All three of the crises that have swept the world today start with E. An ethnic crisis in a broad sense; an ecological crisis, since mankind has invented the means for its destruction; as well as an ethical crisis linked to a crisis in the sphere of interreligious relations, because, one way or another, ethical norms were worked out by beliefs.

Today, this most important crisis has taken such an absurd form as a person's self-sacrifice in the name of some ideas. There are many zombie people now. I mean ISIS (banned in Russia). A war on religious grounds is absolutely meaningless and cannot achieve any goals. It is an unnecessary gamble doomed to fail. This war continues under the flag of Islam, although it has nothing to do with the religious values ​​that are laid down in Islam, in the Quran. There is a powerful falsification of ideas, which are laid in the Quran.

- Have you written a work on Islam recently?

- Yes, about its history and its current state. My task was to save the honour of Quran as a phenomenon of human civilization. One should fight with terrorism based on Islam in two ways. One way is propaganda work. But if a person is coming at you with a knife, wants to kill you, then he must be killed. On the one hand, there is an armed destruction of terrorism, but on the other hand, some work must be done at the verbal level. With that in mind, I wrote my work. I have been dealing with these problems for 30 years already. I entered Judaism, entered Christianity insofar as it was important for me to indicate the importance of ethical norms. Every religion has a single ethical core, there are religious books in which the human factor is somehow present - in Judaism, in Christianity and in Islam.

Now blood is being shed under the cover of Islam. But there are many contradictions in Judaism and Christianity as well. Both Christianity and Islam emerged from the womb of Judaism. Pope Francis, Pope John Paul said that Jews are the older brethren of Christians. And I add: Muslims are younger brethren of Jews and Christians.

- In your opinion, what is the reason for the negative interpretations linked to Islam today?

- First, the human error was violating the chronological order of surahs. Second, the Quran was written at a time when Muslims, Jews and Christians were fighting against each other. This factor has also contributed. For example, Moses and Jesus were removed from the names of surahs in the Quran. The names of surahs included them, but they were removed. But most importantly - the false interpretations, which were worked out in the 8th-10th centuries, are unchanged to this day. One of the greatest distortions, even the modern Islamic leaders in Syria say about it, is that the Quran and Islam abolished the old religions and books. How they could say it! Why are they considered canceled? Based on what?! The whole Quran is permeated with the ideas of the Torah, the Gospel. They even say that followers of other religions will not go to heaven! How is this possible? It is necessary to inveighs against such false interpretations.