Evgeny Safonov: "International scientific community should become united team"

Evgeny Safonov: "International scientific community should become united team"

Baku hosted the international scientific conference titled 'Model of modern management of scientific activities in universities', organized with the support of Azerbaijan's Ministry of Education, as well as the UNEC, Clarivate Analytics (Thomson Reuters) agency and the International Center for Scientific and the International Science and Technological Information Center. It was attended by dozens of scientists from different countries, including the director of the Domodedovo branch of the Russian State University for the Humanities, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences' academician, professor Evgeny Nikolaevich Safonov. He told Vestnik Kavkaza about inter-university links and new models in the management of universities.

- What is the relationship between your branch and Azerbaijani universities?

- It's my second visit to Baku. There is a contract of the RSUH branch with the Azerbaijan State Economic University. We have worked closely enough for several years already, preparing students. We also host conferences as part of the educational process, organize speeches of foreign professors. 20-25 representatives of different universities from 10-12 countries come to us. We show the level of teaching, approaches to scientific research, how we solve problems, and show specifics of each university. Every year, Professor Zahid Mammadov, who teaches at the Azerbaijan Economic University, comes to us. Last year, there was a very interesting discussion on preliminary stages of final qualification works, which was heard, in fact, by the international community. I should note the contribution of our foreign guests to school conferences. School conference always ends with a forum, which sums up the results. Then the participants have the opportunity to talk about the specifics of each institution, splitting into teams. Zahid Mammadov talks about his native university with great pleasure every time.

- What is the role of such international conferences?

- It is an exchange between teachers, an obligatory contribution to the creation of a new vision of our schoolchildren, of what the modern international educational community is. Professors come to us, we come to them. A good scientist may not always be a good teacher. I think that we need to think about raising the status of professorial teaching staff, give it more opportunities to communicate with students. It is important that the scientific international community looks like a united team, because science has moved beyond the borders of the country. If it happens, then our students will be better prepared.