Garsevan and Dukhik Dzhanazyan: “It is absolutely safe in Baku”

Garsevan and Dukhik Dzhanazyan: “It is absolutely safe in Baku”

On May 24th, FIG European Aerobic Gymnastics Championships opened in Baku. Seniors Garsevan and Dukhik Dzhanazyan are participants of the Russian national team. Vestnik Kavkaza presents an interview with the gymnasts on the first day of the championships.

Vestnik Kavkaza: It is not your first visit to Baku. In 2015, you participated in the First European Games. How do you feel here now?

Garsevan: Security is at the top level here. We like everything. All people are friendly in Baku. If we get lost somewhere, we ask people on the street and they help us always.

Vestnik Kavkaza: What do you think about the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku?

Dukhik: The arena is beautiful original and dissimilar to others.

Garsevan: Conditions are excellent. It is very beautiful.

Vestnik Kavkaza: What is your maximum plans for the European Championships?

Garsevan: The plan is to perform well, defend the honor of our country and our flag.

Vestnik Kavkaza: Have you had a chance to take a walk in Baku these days?

Garsevan: Yes, we walked around. It is very beautiful here, for real. And the weather is good. We are completely satisfied. Everything is safe.

Vestnik Kavkaza: What do you think about Henry Mkhitarian’s decision not to come to Baku for UEFA Europa League’s final?

Dukhik: Baku holds fantastic championships. The organization is at the top level. Everything is super cool. All people are very nice friendly helpful, they support athletes. Even in 2015 when we were here at the European Olympic Games, everything was wonderful. The tournament had a friendly fair-play atmosphere.

Garsevan: I tell you that people are different. Politics is one thing and sport is another thing. Everything depends on a certain person how he treats it. We are here.

Dukhik: I would definitely support my team and come. And politics does not matter. Sport is the most important thing.

Vestnik Kavkaza: How do Baku spectators treat you?

Dukhik: They always support us very much. When we performed in 2015 they cheered us incredibly. It was cool!

Garsevan: The whole arena was screaming, cheering.

Dukhik: In general, everything is nicely organized in Baku – the carpet, hotels, food. And weather is perfect as well.


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