Irina Bogacheva: "Children with parents and orphans have different perceptions of God"

Irina Bogacheva: "Children with parents and orphans have different perceptions of God"

On October 25-28, Moscow will host the 10th international festival of family dynasties 'Faith. Hope. Love' and the 'Family in Multinational Russia' forum, which will bring together about two hundred participants. President of the Revival and Hope Foundation Irina Bogacheva told Vestnik Kavkaza about Caucasian families going to the festival.

- Will representatives of the republics of the North Caucasus attend the festival?

- Of course! The Republic of Dagestan is represented by several families. Everything related to Rasul Gamzatov is important to us here. In addition, the 'Ozornye luchiki' team from the 'Zabota' orphanage visit us for the second year in a row. We try to support them, to develop their creative abilities, many have been delegated to the Golden Ball Award.

Bogatyrev's wonderful large family will come from Kabardino-Balkaria. Bogatyryov himself has been appointed director of the school. He brings up quite unusual children in his school.

From the Chechen Republic, I can single out the Tsakayev family, who work with children with disabilities and lead the youth team of the Zamankho chorus. They demonstrate high professionalism, an interesting vision of dance an excellent organization of work with young men, girls, with children. I'm thankful that the head of the republic support this family and help them come to us for three years. This is really a role model - their history, traditions, culture of the family.

The Bazorkin family from Ingushetia has seven children. They even organized their own festival. This is really great. I would also like to mention the Murzakayevy-Medovy family...

- Are there any orphanages in Dagestan?

- I was also surprised when I learned about it. Therefore, we came up with idea to organize their participation in our large competitive programs. Thanks to the director of the organization 'Dagestan without orphans' Raisat Osmanova, we learned that talented families live in every village.

You will see all the participants at a large charity national culture concert, which will be held on October 27 in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University's hall of 1,200 seats.

- Will there be participants from the South Caucasus?

- Yes. Azerbaijan is represented by the Shyukurov family. This family makes a great contribution to the development of friendship between nations in the framework of the work of the Center of Russian-Azerbaijan Friendship and help children to develop their creative abilities. They have three sons. Their Caucasian dances are full of life, they charge the entire audience with energy - everyone starts dancing. They are flamboyant and unusual.

There will be the Bojgua family from Georgia. The promotion of their talent and creativity in Russia has started from us. These are unique people, they also have a large family, and they make magic happen on the stage.

An Armenian family will come here - they are wonderful, unique people, their songs and costumes unusual.

- What is the message of this festival?

- The most important message is to show a worthy example of the Russian family, show its civil and existential position, its joyful, happy life. Participants of the festival are a role model of a happy family life. Each family has its own note of happiness, and this note of happiness they bring to our festival. When people see a family that is not just creative, but also in demand in their region, it is worth a lot. We want to show examples of a decent family life, love for each other. This is the most important thing.

The connection between generations is also important - grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers, fathers, grandchildren - all gather in one place. We have 11 competitive programs, and each of these programs provides an opportunity to each family member to show his creativity. This is a 0+ festival. Even families with little babies come here.

Families communicate with each other after visiting our festivals. I know, for example, that the Alekseev family visited the Tsakayev family.

In addition, every ordinary citizen can personally ask a representative of the executive and legislative authorities a question at our festival. Everyone here can share their experiences, their pain points. We also have psychologists here.

Last year, thanks to Boris Grachevsky, they were making a movie here titled 'Children writing to God'. It turned out that children with parents and orphans have different perceptions of God. The question to God predetermines what is valuable to man. Dzhambulat Tagirbekov from Makhachkala's 'Zabota' orphanage said: "I just want everyone to be happy. I don't expect they will adopt me, but I want to enjoy the life that fate has given me."

People come to the festival and make friends. We have an extraordinary space here, where you can feel the beauty of life. When people visit us, they change their lives. They can no longer live as they lived before, because they understand that dreams come true, that if you want something you can achieve a lot.


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