Lusine Nersisyan joins Baku Declaration: "Armenia occupied territories"

Lusine Nersisyan joins Baku Declaration: "Armenia occupied territories"

We are introducing a new member of the "Armenia-Azerbaijan Platform for Peace". This is a young writer, journalist and civil society activist from Khankendi (Stepanakert), Lusine Nersisyan. When he learned about the initiative of the activists of the two countries' civil society to start a dialogue to resolve conflict, she expressed a desire to sign the proclamation of people's diplomats. Nersisyan told about the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh and the importance of the peace process.

- You live in Nagorno-Karabakh, the city, which is called Stepanakert in the old-fashioned way, and we would like to know how people live there - how they make money, what they think, what they dream. The public gets a distorted picture of the real situation in your area due to  lies of Armenian government officials, politicians and their media henchmen, we would like to hear about it from you - a person who every day faces with the reality of Karabakh.

- Alas, I have nothing good to say. There is total poverty in Karabakh, the people live in an atmosphere of constant fear and terror. Their pensions and salaries are terribly low and cannot satisfy even the most basic needs of the population. The common people is subjected to very difficult living conditions. And the current regime is doing everything to keep the people in fear.

- I noticed that your works are quite popular in social networks. Who is your target category and what is your main message to our readers?

- I have been writing almost since childhood. My poems are about very different things. There are poems about patriotism, about the incessant pain caused by injustice, which me and all the people of Karabakh are facing every day. Of course, I write about love and human relations in general. Judging from the letters, my thoughts and feelings resonate with readers. I am very grateful to all those who write to me - their approval and support help me to live and create.

- In your opinion, what is the situation with art and culture in Armenia and Karabakh now? Are there any prospects for young writers and artists?

- There are no prospects for creative people. Absolutely!  Art was overthrown to the lowest level in Nagorno-Karabakh. We occasionally hear that the authorities allegedly make some steps to support the creative community, raise the cultural level, but no one was able to know what steps exactly. We do not even have a folk ensemble in Karabakh. Everything is so messed up... The authorities are not interested in art, as well as in Armenia, they simply do not need it.

- Can you say something about the so-called modern Armenian literature? Many believe that now it is reduced to a banal pornography, and exactly such writers are supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Writers of Armenia. In any case, their books are published and even enjoy some popularity among readers. Is it possible to claim on this basis that the Armenian people are being degraded in some way due to the constant ideological befuddling?

 - I completely agree. Unfortunately, such "literature" is in demand in Armenia and Karabakh recently and it clearly leads to the degradation of the population. The only question is whether this is done deliberately, and if so, for what purpose?

- As a person with an active civil position, who is constantly in the midst of events, can you say objectively what did the Karabakh war give Armenia?

- I am strongly against any wars, no matter how beautiful ideas to justify them are. Today the whole world has advanced so much, that I think all conflicts could be resolved peacefully. And the Karabakh war actually inspired Armenia to occupy foreign territories and stop progress in virtually all the industries. Everybody suffers, and first of all, the people who are tired of this war. During the April clashes many things became clear, especially the way the authorities treat their own people, sending it to the war as cannon fodder. Somehow guys on the front did not have enough weapons, even bullets, and when the rebels seized a police station this summer in Yerevan, we suddenly found out that there was plenty of weapons in the country. And special equipment came from somewhere, and tanks, and other things. There's only one conclusion: they save up all weapons to use it against us, against their own people, if necessary.

- Did you know that the Peace Forum was held recently in Baku, where the "Armenia-Azerbaijan Platform for Peace" was set up, the aim of which is to bring our nations to reconciliation through people's diplomacy, promote the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict. What do you think about this initiative, will you support it?

- If it can really be brought to life, I not only support it, but I am also ready to join this initiative. I'm sure many of our fellow citizens will also support the "Platform for Peace", because everyone wants to live in peace and prosperity.

- And finally. What would you wish all Armenians on the eve of the New Year?

- Peace and prosperity! And peace in the first place, we really need it now.