Mikhail Myagkov: "Rewriting history threatens to give new impetus to fascism"

Mikhail Myagkov: "Rewriting history threatens to give new impetus to fascism"

This January marks 76 years in Russia and other former Soviet republics since the beginning of the Soviet offensive in the Battle of the Caucasus. One of Wehrmacht's main tasks was to defeat the Soviet troops on the southern flank of the Eastern Front, gain control over the Volga and the Caucasus. Germany needed the region’s oil resources to continue the global war of attrition. Scientific Director of the Russian Military-Historical Society Mikhail Myagkov, speaking with Vestnik Kavkaza, explained the importance of the Battle of the Caucasus and Mozdok-Malgobek defensive operation.

- What role did the Malgobek defensive operation play in disrupting the German offensive?

- It stands out particularly as one of the key moments in disrupting the German offensive in the south of our country, the defense of the Caucasus — the Germans were stuck in defensive battles, and we began to prepare our offensive. It was important for all residents of the country, because it was about defending the Caucasus, strategic oil areas. It is not known what the situation would be like, if these areas were occupied by Germans. It is very important for understanding in terms of the overall strategy and the common victory of all the Soviet peoples  during the years of the Great Patriotic War.

- The Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust are underway now...

- All residents of our country suffered. The Germans had a plan - the total destruction of Jews, Gypsies, Slavic peoples. They planned to deport 75% of the Soviet Union population to Siberia, while the rest were expected to be used as slave labourers for 4-5 million of Germans, who would occupy the territory of our country. These plans were disrupted by the Red Army, which did not let them to pursue a policy of the final destruction of the Jewish population not only in our country, but worldwide, and saved the European nations. We rescued European humanist values  back then. This is a great merit of the Soviet people, of all the peoples of our country, which united in the common goal.

- What risk do attempts to revise the results of World War II pose?

- If we are morally disarmed, we will have no history. One can make various economic, territorial and other claims to our country. Then Russia will look like a country without memory, without a history, a country which can be colonized, humiliated. None of global major players, primarily the United States, is interested in strong Russia now. They have their own economic views on the future world, they want hegemony. Russia does not allow these plans to come true, and therefore they subject our country to such negative information flow. Disarming us historically means disarming us morally to rewrite the outcome of World War II, including the Nuremberg trials. It threatens to give new impetus to fascism. That's the worst thing.