Ramail Bayramli: "We will return to Azerbaijani theater to teach others"

Ramail Bayramli: "We will return to Azerbaijani theater to teach others"

National studios are a long tradition, of which Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute ('Shchuka', as it is informally known) is proud. In last year, an Azerbaijani studio in 'Shchuka' was opened under the leadership of Mikhail Borisov. Recently, second-year students of the Azerbaijani studio did an acting technique auditorial test, and the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza managed to interview some future and already accomplished actors. The latter include Ramail Bayramli.

- Ramail, how did you get to the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute?

- I'm a little bit more mature than other folks here, more experienced. I took acting lessons in Azerbaijan, worked in theaters, participated in the 'Voice of Azerbaijan' project, reaching the finals. So began my career as a singer, but I heard that the examination will be held in 'Shchuka' and rushed up here. We were warmly welcomed here. We have a good teacher. We started to learn from scratch.

- What is the atmosphere in your studio?

- The atmosphere is great. In addition to those who came to study from Azerbaijan, there are three Russian girls and one Azerbaijani guy in our studio, who was born in Moscow and has limited knowledge of Azerbaijani language. We are all friends from the first year. They teach us Russian language, we teach them Azerbaijani. Our girls understand Azerbaijani language so good that we cannot hide anything from them. Very warm and friendly atmosphere.

- What is the difference between studying here and in Baku?

- 'Shchuka' gives the basis. We learned the roots of acting here. Of course, in Azerbaijan we also studied acting skills - Az-Zakhabi, Stanislavsky, but it's more detailed study here. It's like heaven to me.

- How do you spend your free time?

- We have long forgotten what it's like to have free time, because of 'Shchuka'. The studio works from 9 am to 11-12 pm, because there are also director courses in addition to acting. We need to rehearse, prepare props, decorations, sew ...

- Which do you prefer: directing or acting?

- Since I came to Moscow as an actor, I would like to return home as a director.

- Do you think about going back home?

- I do not make any plans, because it's impossible to say what will happen in a year. But we must go back and bring something to our country from here. We were sent here so that we could learn and return to the theater to teach others.

- You participated in the 'Voice of Azerbaijan' project. Do you plan to take part in Russia's 'Voice'?

- I do if I have time.

- You chose the image of Michael Jackson today. Why him?

- I've been "friends" with Michael since my childhood. I'm his fan, I even performed Billie Jean at the 'Voice' first blind audition. I did not plan to achieve physical resemblance with him. I was wondering if I could make the audience to forget about my beard, so that they could only hear my voice and see my choreography. I think it made it.

- What is the most difficult thing in acting and working in the theater?

- Find yourself. Not every actor can do it. It is easy to find images, but not yourself. To be yourself, while changing images, it is very difficult.


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