Rudolf Avanesov: "Armenians have not benefited from Karabakh conflict"

Rudolf Avanesov: "Armenians have not benefited from Karabakh conflict"

Azeri.Today's interview with the former chief state quality inspector of the Ministry of Procurement of the Azerbaijan SSR, director of the 'Wine Card' exhibition in the Crocus-Expo center, Baku Armenian Rudolf Avanesov, known among the older generation of the Azerbaijani intelligentsia.

- Rudolf Ashotovich, recently I saw a film 'The Caucasian trio' based on the script of Rustam Ibragimbekov. Did you identify yourself as the prototype of one of the heroes of the film?

- Yes, I watched this film. I also thought that the fate of the hero, played by Yuri Stoyanov, reminds me of my own. I also came to Baku after the conflict has begun. And like the hero played by Stoyanov, I wrote a letter together with a group of intellectuals to the Izvestia newspaper in the early 1990s, in which we condemned the Karabakh conflict. In the letter we asked who needed this conflict, which brought so much grief to both Azerbaijanis and Armenians.

-  Have you revised your position after 25 years since the publication of the letter?

- No, I have not. I always said that absolutely nobody needs this conflict. They should not do all these things in Karabakh. Armenians has won nothing from this. Now I read news that there are clashes again. What do they want? I do not know. I believe that neighbors need to find a common language.

- How to find a common language between Azerbaijanis and Armenians after so many years of war?

- First, the two peoples should communicate with each other. For example, in Moscow, we have good relations. Recently I was at the restaurant with my four friends. Three of them were Azerbaijanis and I was an Armenian. How can we not be friends if we know each other for 50 years? They should communicate, visit each other. Second, the Armenian government needs to find a common language with its neighbors - Azerbaijan and Turkey. These are Armenia's neighbors, they cannot be pushed anywhere. We need to find a common language and be friends. This is my personal opinion. I think that any normal person should think this way. Armenia needs to find a common language, first of all, with Azerbaijan.

- The people communicate. Armenians, who put forward the idea of ​​reconciliation, have started to visit Baku recently ...

- Yes, I know. And I fully support such Armenians. It's just great! Unfortunately, now I had health problems, otherwise I would arrive with pleasure myself. Moreover, I was going to visit my native Baku. This is my homeland, I love it. I have loved Baku, Azerbaijan all my life and will love till the end of my days. I miss Baku so much. I have a lot of friends there, we love and respect each other. No, not even friends, but close relatives. From childhood I was friends with Azerbaijanis. No one will say a single bad word about me. For example, March 8 is approaching, and, as usual, I will call my Azerbaijani sisters in Baku and congratulate them on the International Women's Day.

- Did you have any problems with the Armenian Diaspora in Russia after giving the interview to the Azerbaijani media in 2012?

- There were no problems. Although, some Armenians called me a Turk, since there is nothing Armenian in me. My father was Armenian, and my mother was half Russian, half Georgian. But I do not pay any attention to these attacks.


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