Rustam Jankezov: "All people of Caucasus are hospitable and good-natured"

Rustam Jankezov: "All people of Caucasus are hospitable and good-natured"

Deputy head of the "Revival of Russia" party, Rustam Jankezov, discussed Caucasian traditions and the way people of this region treat women and old people in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

- What can you tell about Caucasus, about its traditions and customs?

- These who visited Caucasus know how good-natured people of this region are, how hospitable they are, how they treat guests. I recommend everyone to visit Caucasus at least once and see it with your own eyes. Media often spread only negative information: someone fought here or something else happened. But Caucasus is a part of Russia. No matter where you are, be it Karachay-Cherkessia, or the Irkutsk region, every place has something good and bad. But Caucasian sun is always warm, and people of Caucasus are good, sincere people. Some people talk about aggressiveness of Caucasian nations, but I would like to mention that usually didn't attack first, they just defended from enemies.

If guests come to Caucasus, people of this region will always treat them like kings. Traditions of "blood brotherhood" are also very interesting, they helped to destroy barriers between former enemies, united families and helped to establish peace.

- The International Women's Day was celebrated several days ago. What can you tell about the role of women in Caucasus?

- Women have always been revered in the Caucasus region. Man worked, while woman kept home warm and safe. Woman was awlays responsible for comfort. Some say that women are begin belittled in the Caucasus, and that's just not true! On the contrary, women have always been exalted. How many beautiful poems are written about women? By Rasul Gamzatov, for example.

You mentioned the International Women's Day, but it should be remembered that some of the peoples of the Caucasus were deported, particularly the Balkar people. For them, the day of deportation (March 8th) was a tragic day.

- There is a conflict of generations due to a gap in values in the modern world. How much do people of the Caucasus respect their elders?

- Nothing has changed when it comes elders. They have always been honored. I always stand up when someone older than me enters the room, no matter what nationality he is. All people of the Caucasus are like that. It's something out parents, grandmothers, grandfathers taught us.


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