Sergey Kanavsky: "It's unlikely new SCO members will immediately receive huge preferences"

Sergey Kanavsky: "It's unlikely new SCO members will immediately receive huge preferences"

Today and tomorrow, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will host the 16th meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) Council of the Heads of Government in Sochi. During this meeting, they will focus on the development of trade, economic and humanitarian cooperation, creation of the SCO Development Bank and the Development Fund, as well as discuss various transit corridors in the framework of the Silk Road. In addition, they will talk about the impact of the anti-Russian sanctions on economic cooperation. The Executive Secretary of the Business Council of the SCO Sergey Kanavsky discussed this meeting in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

- What will the meeting in Sochi focus on?

- Participants will sum up current results of the structures, ministries and departments involved in the development of economic, political and administrative cooperation. They will discuss future activities of the organization after India and Pakistan became members in June of this year in Astana.

- Will they discuss further expansion of the organization?

- The issue of accepting new members, including Iran, as well as prospects of further development of the organization itself will be discussed during meeting between ministers, special representatives and national coordinators. They will present their opinions on organization's development prospects, including the issue of new members.

- Azerbaijan is a partner of the SCO. Will there be any representatives from it?

- Of course. There are different ways you can participate in this organization, you can be involved in one of the events, become an observer-country, a dialogue partner. All of them have the opportunity to express their views on the prospects of the organization at an expanded meeting.

- What can you say about cooperation between Azerbaijan and the SCO?

- The work of each country in this organization depends on the goals it sets, on structures created within this organization and specific people that work within these structures, both governmental or non-governmental. It's unlikely new SCO members will immediately receive huge preferences after joining this organization. The work is organized by all sides - both by permanent members of the organization, partner countries and observers. In other words, everyone always involved in the SCO work. Whether this work is effective or not depends on all sides.

- Will the Silk Road be discussed at the meeting?

- It's always discussed since 2013. Something new is always proposed, something criticized. In 2015 The One Belt and One Road Initiative was supported by all heads of states at the Ufa summit. Either way, it will definetely be discussed.

- Will the Syrian crisis be discussed?

- Participants will definetely discussed how international components and international cooperation develop. Naturally, they will evaluate the development of overall international situation, including in Syria.


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