Vera Vasilyeva: "I'll feel beauty and kindness of Baku forever"

Vera Vasilyeva: "I'll feel beauty and kindness of Baku forever"

Actress Vera Vasilyeva works at the Moscow Satire Theatre since 1948. She spoke about her memories of Baku in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

- Many years ago you had a tour in Baku. How people welcomed you?

- It was a long time ago, but I remember that we really liked the city, we really liked people. I'll fell beauty and kindness of this city forever, it's my dream to visit it again. People welcomed us warmly. We felt southern temperament, innate hospitality. Residents of Baku love holidays. They are not boring, they're romantic people, so we felt like they loved us and we loved them back. These memories are very dear to me. I would like to visit Baku once more, enjoy this city.

- What do you associate Azerbaijan with?

- I associated with mood, soul, the way spectators treated us, like it was a holiday. This memory will last for a long time. A of time has passed, but I associate the feeling of kindness and wealth of people's lives with a fairy tale.

- How did you spend your free time there?

- When we visit the city where there are things to see, we try to look aroung the city, see architecture, market...

- Director of your theatre, Mamedali Agayev, was born in Azerbaijan...

- Yes, he's a wonderful person. We always had good directors, but he came to our theatre as a young man who didn't know how theatre works, but he loved it. He studied under talented people, gradually mastered the art of directing theatre, supporting theatre. Now he is one of the best directors. He is very strict. He is loved, feared and respected. We have such a playful theatre, so you can fool around, but with such a strict director we know that we can't go too far.

Mamedali Agayev is a kind person. Any person can ask him for advice or for help at difficult times. He is never indifferent. I think of him as my friend, and if there will be difficult times for me, I can come to him and maybe even ask for help. He has a wonderful family, a wonderful wife. It's nice to have such a wonderful director.

To be continued