Veronika Krasheninnikova: “Initiators of assassination of the Russia’s ambassador to Turkey miscounted”

Veronika Krasheninnikova: “Initiators of assassination of the Russia’s ambassador to Turkey miscounted”

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was killed by a shot in the back at an art exhibition in the Turkish capital of Ankara yesterday. Moscow and Ankara commonly condemned the international terrorist attack, highlighting that they would reinforce cooperation in the anti-terrorist struggle. Vestnik Kavkaza interviewed Veronika Krasheninninkova, the CEO of the Institute of Foreign Political Studies and Initiatives, an Aid of the CEO of Russia Today IIA, on consequences of the first assassination of an ambassador in the Russian modern history.

-    Who could benefit from the assassination of the Russia’s ambassador to Turkey today?

-    An assassination of a Russian official meets ideology of any terrorist, extremist, ultra-right, ultra-nationalist organization in Turkey. We know that a Russian aircraft and a Russian pilot were wiped out by members of the terrorist ultra-right group of Grey Wolves which was founded and controlled by American special services. At the moment, we cannot precisely say who is responsible for the terrorist attack; we should wait for results of an official investigation by the Turkish authorities. However, it is good that President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan immediately called on the phone our President Vladimir Putin. In general, the terrorist attack is beneficial for extremist organizations which try to prevent the anti-terrorist struggle in the Middle East, including Syria.

-    How can the issue influence Russian-Turkish relations?

-    A lot will depend on a reaction of the Turkish authorities. I should say one more time that at least, initial steps differ from the developments after a destruction of the Russian aircraft. It would be useful for all sides, if the tragedy could intensify the common anti-terrorist struggle.

-    So, what could be a goal of the assassination of the ambassador, if they failed to spoil relations between Moscow and Ankara?

-    People who committed the terrorist attack couldn’t foresee a reaction of the Turkish government. Last year, Ankara’s reaction was quite different, and Russia had to radically change relations with Turkey and President Erdogan. Apparently, initiators of the terrorist attack hoped for the same result, but they failed, they miscounted.

-    What should we expect from Moscow as a response to the first assassination of an ambassador in the Russian modern history?

-    The ambassador was killed at an art exhibition which aimed at improvement of human and cultural ties between Russia and Turkey. A terrorist attack under such circumstances is especially outrageous. Of course, we have to work even more intensively with our partners who share the Russian course of the anti-terrorist struggle in deed not in word. We must reconsider security measures of Russia’s embassies in the Middle East, where it is necessary, probably in other countries as well. Finally, we all must understand that Russian diplomats are providing such a serious important work that they have to pay their lives for it. 



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