Yana Batyrshina: "Azerbaijani gymnasts made me very happy"

Yana Batyrshina: "Azerbaijani gymnasts made me very happy"

Baku hosts the 35th European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship. Yesterday, on the sidelines of this event, Vestnik Kavkaza talked to ambassador of the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship, famous gymnast Yana Batyrshina about the course of this tournament and the upcoming European Football League final.

- What do you think about the scale of this European Championship?

- Of course, 35 teams is very impressive. The strongest teams have arrived here, and this includes junior athletes. These competitions have very large scale.

- What do you think about performances of Russian atheletes yesterday and today?

- Yesterday I saw pretty nervous performance, I don't know why. Baku recently hosted the World Cup, girls have already performed here under the same conditions. But for some reason, Friday was a nervous day not only for Averin sisters, but also for Belarusian and Ukrainian girls, they lost points out of the blue. What Averin sisters demonstrated on Saturday is a completely different level, they performed very well. It amazes me how easily they worked with clubs, because this is always the most dangerous exercise.

As for juniors, they still have to perform once again today, but what I saw shows that Russians have no competition, our team is very strong.

- What do you think about Azerbaijani gymnasts' performance?

- Azerbaijani team made me very happy. I know them, I follow them. A worthy generation of juniors that will replace adult team is growing up. Gymnasts are very strong, and I don't agree with the low score they received. It's a pity that their protest was rejected.

- What do you think about the words of Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp that it’s not safe in Baku?

- Formula 1 has been held in Baku for several years, so richest and most famous sportsmen of the world are not afraid to participate in Baku races. Contract with Formula 1 has been extended until 2023, so there can be no questions about the state of security in Baku. Lewis Hamilton is an Englishman, he could call Jurgen Klopp and say "Hey, it's actually all right here." I think such statements are ridiculous.

- We saw same statements prior to the World Cup in Russia.

- England and Russia are not on good terms right now, and that's why England is saying all those things. But, nevertheless, British came to our country and loved it. I watched a few interviews where they said “Yes, we were afraid, but still came - and it turned out that there was no reason to be afraid, because everything is great”. I have no doubt that the same will happen in Baku. British will come here, because it is impossible to miss English final of the Europa League. Klopp can call Hamilton and ask him how wonderful Baku is.