Yuri Viazemsky: when Azerbaijan and Armenia conclude peace, I will exclaim: ‘’How wise these peoples are!"

Yuri Viazemsky: when Azerbaijan and Armenia conclude peace, I will exclaim: ‘’How wise these peoples are!"

On Tuesday, July 4, Sahiba and her granddaughter  Zakhra Guliyeva died as a result of an artillery shelling by the Armenian Armed Forces from the occupied Azerbaijani territories in the village of Alkhanly, the Fuzuli region of Azerbaijan. Vestnik Kavkaza talked about the consequences of this crime against the peaceful population for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with a host of the intellectual TV-Olympiad for senior pupils ‘Clever Boys and Girls’ and the head of the  All-Russian intellectual Movement with the same title, Yuri Vyazemsky.

- In your opinion, can this event as well as deaths of other civilians in the region push the parties of the conflict and international mediators to solve the Karabakh problem?

- It's such an acute problem, there's so much blood spilled by the both sides. Who is pushing the process? There was a lot of bloodshed before, innocent people were dying. Lermontov and Tolstoy expressed an important idea that this world is beautiful, there is a place for everyone under the sky - so why does a man so stubbornly and arbitrarily fight with himself? When you see such conflicts, when people die, then you think: my God, what do you lack, why are you so wicked, so primitive, why do not you understand that essentially for God there is no difference between Armenian and Azerbaijani. After all, the Almighty is the only one. For the blood you shed, for the anger that you bear, even if sometimes, so to speak, you have reasons for that, you will receive blood and anger in return. A chain reaction begins: when one of my relatives is killed, I begin to hate murderers, then I kill someone, then they kill me, and then the others are hated because of my actions. As a result, you look at a person and you think: does he represent a side branch of the evolution? We have just recently appeared on this wonderful blue planet, literally an hour ago, if we take on the scale of the evolution, and have already done so much evil.

- In your opinion, how will the Caucasus change, if the conflict is resolved and bloodshed ceases?

- An answer to your question, in my opinion, is the only one: it will be given a new look. These wonderful countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan, ancient and beautiful,  Nagorno-Karabakh will be given a new look. Then I will exclaim: "How wise these peoples are, how much wiser they are than Russians!". So far, I can not say so.

- What is the way to achieve this peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia?

- These are wonderful peoples. I would like to remind Azerbaijanis that Allah is not just great, he is also merciful, and this is inseparable things as the words of the Almighty. And Armenians, in my opinion, should not be reminded of who Jesus Christ is and what he said during the Sermon on the Mount and in general about people and human malice.


Vestnik Kavkaza

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