David Sanakoyev: “We should learn to live in peace”

David Sanakoyev: “We should learn to live in peace”

Interview by Maria Sidelnikova. Exclusively to Vestnik Kavkaza


The Foreign Minister of South Ossetia, David Sanaloyev, is on the right side of 40. He used to be the ombudsman of the republic, used to fight as the deputy commander of a mountain squadron during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, was injured. After the five-day war he was involved in return of the captives, the injured, and the killed. Two years ago he was a presidential nominee, but lost the elections to Leonid Tibilov. Tibilov appointed him the Foreign Minister of South Ossetia. Sanakoyev is the leader of New Ossetia Party and his party will take part in the parliamentary elections which will take place in South Ossetia in two months.


-          What is the political program of New Ossetia?


-          Our party was based on the program which we had developed for the last presidential elections. It requires improvement of statehood in South Ossetia. It means economic development, economic security which should be developed by all possible means together with our Russian partners and partners from other countries. We do great work in the direction. If we lack experience or capacities, we turn to our Russian partners. They help us a lot.


Our republic has gone down a difficult road. It is full of wars, permanent aggression by Georgia toward us – since the 1990s there have been several military campaigns by Georgia against South Ossetia. And our population still lives in conditions of a constant struggle for survival. I think we have to do our best to learn how to live in peace, construct, develop the spheres which could improve our statehood.


Our party is developing a series of drafts which could encourage economic and financial stability and settlement of security issues. We have many problems which have to be solved. I hope we will help with this, when we get to the parliament.


-          What about attraction of investment?


-          Recently we have visited the Czech Republic together with our partners from A Just Russia. We built relations with friendly political forces, a friendly party; moreover, we had meetings with Czech businessmen, financial institutes which are ready to support some of our projects.


We also are building contacts with Italian colleagues.


Recently we have signed an agreement with the friendly Socialist Party of San Marino. We also develop relations with Italian businessmen in mutually beneficial spheres.


-          What are these spheres?


-          These are agriculture, construction materials which could be produced in our republic, using our natural resources. We have plenty of them, but at the moment we import construction materials from Russia. I wish we could use out own resources to create jobs for our citizens. Industrial enterprises should be developed for this.


-          What are the prospects for Russian-Ossetian relations?


-          As you know today we are strategic partners. We realize the support provided by Russia to South Ossetia in various spheres – from security, reconstruction to development. I think many integration projects and projects which won’t be connected with policy and economy will be in our relations. We should tell the residents of Russia and South Ossetia about culture, traditions, historic heritage of our countries. We should do it to make our relations developed. 


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