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Baku Symphonic Orchestra to perform in Tehran

The Baku Symphonic Orchestra will give a concert under the baton of its Iranian conductor Vahid Alipur at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on August 14. Iranian violinist Amin Ghaffari will also accompany the …

US may bomb Iran's nuclear facilities - media

The United States is prepared to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, perhaps as early as August, senior figures in the Turnbull Government said, adding that Australia is poised to help identify possible targets. Australian defence …

Iran's central bank governor replaced

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has dismissed Iran’s central bank governor Valiollah Seif. Valiollah Seif was replaced with Abdolnaser Hemmati, who headed the state insurance …

Erdogan: Turkey not to impose sanctions on Iran

Ankara is unwilling to break up its strategic relationship with Tehran, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. "Severing ties with our strategic global partners, who are just like the US to us, goes …

Iranian president comments on US threats

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said there’s no need to respond to US President Donald Trump’s "empty threats." Rouhani’s remarks were his first since Trump warned the …

Iran has no reason to deal with Trump

The American president's constant hostility to Iran has made it politically impossible for anyone in the Iranian government to consider negotiating with the U.S